Saturday, March 28, 2009

Waving Away His Old Life

Ned was on vacation in Hollywood when he spied one of his favorite celebrities. It appeared that she was trying to walk around incognito, with no security. Ned followed her for a few blocks; he felt undetected, so he continued for a few more. Finally, after a little bit more, she turned around and screamed at him to stop stalking her. He was caught off guard, thinking he hadn't been so obvious. A strange wind blew across the pair, followed by a spontaneous, freak lightning storm. As it passed as quickly as it came, Ned had found out that he had swapped bodies with the stalet. He waved goodbye to his old body as he decided to just continue on with his new life. Meanwhile, the starlet's jaw dropped as she saw her own body walk away waving.


Ben encountered an unknown woman in the elevator of his apartment. She hit the emergency stop button, pressed Ben against the door sexually, and asked if he wanted her body. Ben, thinking this was a proposition, said yes, but was shocked when his body started to melt and begin to slide over onto this woman's body. Within a few moments, he was alone in the elevator, and he was her! He felt his crotch to confirm the impossible. A loud buzz sounded, because the elevator had been stopped too long. He depressed the stop button to continue the elevator's trip, but when he got to his apartment, he realized he no longer had he's old keys now that he was in this new body. He began looking for identification of who he know was, where she lived, and any other details.

Brainwaves (Part 3)

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It had been several months since Benny's malfunction invention switched his brain into his friend Darcie's body, but all his efforts to repair the invention had failed. It had been hellish trying to find time to repair the machine while also managing Darcie's busy schedule. It had allowed him to finally break out of his shell of social awkwardness, and he was starting to really love it. He couldn't help but wonder if he his subconscious was sabotaging his repair efforts...

Friday, March 27, 2009


Oberfuhrer Reinholdt had been an officer in the Germany army since World War 2, assigned to a special brainswitching project. Just before the war's end, he used the invention to swap into a young soldier's body, escaping many trials and punishments. Every few decades, he found a new young man to swap with. In 2009, he was ready to switch again, but through a minor miscalculation, he accidentally switched his brain with that of a beautiful fraulein. He knew his brain needed some recovery before swapping again (about five years or so to prevent brain damage), so he would just have to deal with the situation until then. It was a small price to pay for immortality.


Geoff hated being trapped in his stepmom's body. He hated having to do her chores--like grocery shopping, doing laundry, and making dinner--and he hated the way guys would stare at him. He was sure hoping his dad would fix that crazy bodyswap machine in their basement that caused all this mess in the first place. Of course, his dad would've had it fixed already had he not been swapped with Geoff's little sister. Little hands and naptime cut into his progress.

Magic Tricks

Theresa was having a hard time trying not to laugh at her boyfriend James's predicament. He had been hitting on other women all night long, making her quite jealous, and he did it everywhere--the bar, the restaurant, even the magic show they ended the evening with. It got worse when he was selected for the final feat along with a woman dressed in plaid--she was fuming when he saw him whisper something in her ear before the magician told the two to each enter two large boxes set up on stage. James entered the box on the right; the woman on the left. A quick flash and James instantly popped out the box on the left while the woman was now on the right. It seemed a little simplistic for the final trick, but the audience was still impressed. The magician told the pair to take their seats as he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Theresa turned around to see the woman sitting down next to her; she explained that seat belonged to her boyfriend. James's voice came from the woman's body, "What are you talking about, Theresa? It's me, James!" As she instructed him to look down, he was shocked that he had swapped bodies with the woman from the trick. He immediately rushed towards backstage with Theresa close behind, but security informed them that the magician had already left for the night and wouldn't be back until next week. As Theresa and James returned to their car, Theresa smiled. It served him right to be stuck like that for a week!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

All Tied Up

Trevor couldn't believe Melinda had done this to him! Sure, they hadn't been dating for too long, but he certainly didn't expect for her to steal his body, tie him up, and skip town. She said she wanted a new life, and that she had arranged enough time to get away before anyone would come by to untie him. Trevor was wonder how this whole thing was even possible! Bodyswapping is some sort of science fiction, no? However, his new body says otherwise.

Summer Camp

After Freshman year of college, Zak wanting nothing more than spending the summer getting away from it all by camping. Meanwhile, his older sister, Claire, had decided to take an internship with an eccentric fashion designer in the City. Call it magic, call it a twist of fate, or just call it dumb luck, but as the pair were arriving in their respective locations, they mysteriously swapped bodies. Zak arrived at the docks of the lake with a pain in his feet. He was taken aback by the fact that he was wearing his sister's high heels but was even more shocked when he figured out that he was not only wearing all of her clothes, but he also had her body! Looking back to the shore, he saw suitcase after suitcase...all hers. They were filled with her various designs, which she had intended to wear to be impressively fashionable for her internship. He knew that not a single item would be reasonable. On the other side of the coin, Claire arrived in the fashion designer's New York office to stares of the entire staff. When she looked in the mirror, she was shocked to see her little brother's face. How was she going to impress anyone now? Fate can be strange, however, as the designer was stereotypically gay and took an immediate liking to Claire in Zak's barely legal male body.

No Answers

Eric wasn't terribly bummed about being stuck as a woman (unknowingly thanks to the Great Shift), but the whole situation totally puzzled him. First, WHY was he a woman? Next, what was up with these clothes? He couldn't find any other outfits in the entire mansion...for that matter, why was he in a mansion? He laid down on the floor to ponder the whole experience, and to give his feet a break from the high heeled boots he was wearing. A few hours later, still with no answers, Eric sat up and explored his new body.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Tale of Hookers and Revenge

Stan couldn't believe he was pointing a gun at his own body. But then again, he couldn't believe what he had to do since this hooker swapped bodies with him two months ago. He was treated like trash on a daily basis, had all types of sex--oral, vaginal, and anal, and even had to experience an abortion after one customer got him pregnant. His old body said that if Stan shot, he'd never get his body back. But Stan KNEW that; he realized that he'd probably even go to jail. It wasn't about getting his body back anymore; it was about revenge.

Not Anytime Soon...

Vic and Mary loved each other very much, but their marriage was on the rocks. They just couldn't seem to see eye-to-eye on anything, so they underwent an experimental psychological experiment to get to know each other better. The pair would swap bodies until they better understood the other's life. For their first night out on the town together Vic dressed up in the sexiest thing he could. Mary yelled at him, claiming he was making her body look ridiculous. Vic claimed her problem was she didn't know how to work it, and what he was wearing was what he had only WISHED she wore! The two argued well into the night. It looks like they won't be swapping back anytime soon...

Born Again

Rufus felt like such a fool. He had been taken in by that cult so easily. When they said they would baptize him so that he could be "born again" he never expected that it would be into a new body! Now with no identity of his own, he was a slave to the cult. Meanwhile, without Rufus's knowledge, they had given one of loyal, young cult members HIS fact, the woman and Rufus had switched places. She sold all his thing, raided his bank account, and gave it all to the cult. She would do anything the cult said. As, you see, she had been suckered into the cult some years ago, befallen to a fate similar to Rufus's. She was just so glad to be back in a man's body after years of being stuck a woman.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Ass Man

When Frank was a guy, he was a total ass man. He loved checking out the booties on the ladies. He was often caught taking a long stare or even stealing a quick pitch. When the Great Shift first hit and he found himself in the body of a woman, he was upset at first. He felt he had lost a large part of who he was. However, his sadness faded away quickly as he realized the benefits of the situation. He had to admit that this woman had a pretty sweet ass, and now anytime he wanted to pinch one, all he had to do was reach behind himself. He started rubbing his new ass and checking it out in the mirror. Maybe this is nothing to be sad about after all...


Tommy couldn't have been happier about the curse his neighbor put on him and his mom that caused them to swap bodies. Now he could buy all the toys he wanted and his mom couldn't yell at him! He heard a noise behind him. He turned to see his mom nagging at him from his body. "Quiet," he said, "Mommy wants to buy some Power Ranger dolls!"


Pablo was an illegal immigrant working in Los Angeles as a poolboy. He was overworked and underpaid. He was threatened on a daily basis by his employer, Ms Candice Watson. She would tell him that she was going to call INS or simply not pay him for the day. That all changed, however, when a rare storm struck down a bolt of lightning, hitting both Pablo and Candice resulting in the two of them swapping bodies. Candice in Pablo's body didn't seem to understand the complexities of the situation and spouted off at Pablo, blaming him for the swap. She was quick to get INS on the phone. However, when they showed up, they took Candice away, seeing as she was now the one in Pablo's body. Pablo, meanwhile, had no idea what to do now that he was in Candice's body, especially now that she was going to be deported and out of his hair forever.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thin Walls

Trent couldn't figure out how or why he randomly swapped bodies with his neighbor. He was going to knock on his own door, and see if they could figure out what happened. But before he even stood up, he heard noises coming from their shared wall. He knew the noises well. His neighbor was having sex with his wife...IN HIS BODY! It was hard for Trent to wrap his mind around this. Did his neighbor swap because she wanted to know what sex was like for a man? Was she a lesbian? Did she have the hots for his wife? One things for sure, he was going to wait until they were done before going over to ask...

Girlie Drinks

Peter's buddies had been making fun of him all night at the club for buying "girlie" drinks. They said if he kept it up that by the end of the night he'd turn into a girl. Peter laughed it off and just claimed he hated the taste of beer and stronger drinks. After a few hours, Peter felt an odd pinching in his feet. He looked down to see he was somehow wearing pink heeled shoes! What the fuck? But it didn't stop there. As he continued to look up, he noticed that he now had clean shaven legs. could he even see his legs below his...skirt? His jeans had somehow changed into a denim skirt. As his eyes went further up his own body, he could swear that he now sported breasts under his shirt as well. He was getting way too tipsy; maybe all the booze mixed with his buddies taunts were affecting his brain. However, when he went to the bathroom to take a leak, he reach for his penis and....nothing! He should've never had all those girlie drinks!

Learning a Lesson

Xavier wished he hadn't his that gypsy's car backing out of that parking spot the other day. She had mumbled something about putting a curse on him, which he quickly brushed off as complete bullshit. Of course, when he went to an outdoor rock concert the next day, he was shocked when he was suddenly transported across the field, and somehow ended up trapped in a woman's body. He ran back to where his body last was, but it was gone. After getting through most of the day, a figure approached from was his old body with an evil smirk on his face, "Learned your lesson yet, son?" "You bitch," he gumbled back. His old body sighed, "Guess not." Xavier demanded more of an explination, who was this girl? The old gypsy now in his body explained she was another woman who had pissed her off, who was now stuck in her old body; it was a punishment for him, a punishment for the woman, but a delight for the gypsy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Theodore wife was convinced he was cheating on her. She put a curse on his latest business trip which would only kick in if he was unfaithful. Most of the trip went well, until one night when he brought a showgirl and part-time prostitute back to his hotel room. The next morning he didn't even notice that he was in a completely different body wearing the showgirl's sexy stage costume as he grabbed his briefcase for the day's meeting. Oddly enough, he still scored a good deal at the meeting; however, the showgirl's performance while she was in Theodore's body didn't go over nearly as well.

Turning to the Bottle

Bill had been depressed since the Great Shift. He had been laid off at the factory since he was unable to meet the physical demands of his job thanks to being transferred into a much weaker female body. Unable to find new work, he turned to drinking, easily finishing off an entire bottle of whiskey each night. He didn't like being a weak woman, having a vagina, or dealing with periods.

The Trouble with Triples

Michael heard a car pull up and darted to the window. Shit! It was his flatmate, Nicole! He hadn't expected her to be back from her date until the next morning. He had used a strange medallion he found to turn himself into her exact duplicate. He don't know how she'd react to the sight, but he didn't want to find out. The medallion wouldn't let him switch back to his body for several hours, so he darted into his room, shut the door, turned off the lights, and pretended to be asleep. In his rush he had dropped the medallion on the couch. The next morning, he had hoped to sneak into the living room, snatch it, and swap back. However, when he awoke, he found two pissed off people on the couch who both looked exactly like Nicole. Apparently, she had taken her date back for some fooling around, but when they were on the couch her date had a little accident, turning him into her double as well. With three Nicoles allstaring at each other now, Michael had a lot of explaining to do.