Saturday, January 9, 2010


It had only been a few hours since Damien swapped bodies with his sister, and he couldn't believe that he was now in a women's restroom with tons of hot chicks. He had fantistized about this sort of situation when he was a man. He was a little disappointed when he found himself not being all that turned on. Normally just thinking about this sort of thing would give him a raging hard-on...then again, it's not like he had anything to get a hard-on with anymore. What had worried him was that if this didn't turn him on, did that mean he got his sister's sexual preferences along with her body? Would he be attracted to guys now? As he began to think about it, the thought of men did indeed start to turn him on as he got a slight moist feeling in his panties.

Sidelined (Part 1)

Understanding why the new foreign exchange student Keiko wanted to steal his body was easy for Michael to understand. He was a senior, a star quarterback on the football team, and one of the most popular boys in school...What is didn't understand was HOW she did it. Now he could only watch his old body practice on the field while he sat on the sidelines in Keiko's body. He couldn't help but feel anger when she messed up, but he actually felt even angrier when she seemed to do better than he ever could.

Secretly happy

Though Bill wouldn't admit it to his friends, he was secretly quite happy with the results of the Great Shift. He had gone from a scrawny, pale nerd to a bootylicious black woman. Sure, he had a few more pounds than what would be considered traditionally "beautiful," but he felt hot! He loved feeling up his new, large breasts and curvy ass, but he loved feeling up his new flat crotch even more.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pushover (Part 2)

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Mick started to sit up. He couldn't imagine how or why anyone would want to run away with his out of shape, overweight, and over the hill body, but he figured there would be no point in getting upset over it, considering he was lucky enough to find himself in a young body--even if it was a female one! He soon found that being an attractive female had a lot of advantages. Many people were soon offering their hands to help him up. He couldn't remember the last time people were so nice to him--or for that matter, the last time anyone looked at him in a sexual manner. Many men and women were checking him out as he stood up.

Stop bitching

When Herbert Winslow hired an escort to be his date for the evening, he never expected to swap bodies with her. For the past 20 minutes he had been listening to her yell at him in HIS voice asking for her body back, asking why he stole her body, and so on.

Finally he snapped, "Look, I didn't steal your body. I don't know why we swapped bodies. Why would I want to go from being a successful CEO of a fortune 500 company to being a woman who has to resort to being an escort to make money? Stop bitching and let's figure this out."

Party time!

Even though the Great Shift happened earlier in the day, it was still Tom's 9th birthday, and his parents still decided he deserved a party, even if he was in the very adult and very female body of their neighbor. Tom was still pretty excited to celebrate as well. He put on a balloon animal hat that his dad made, and started to unwrap presents and pig out on candy, cake, and ice cream. He would soon find himself ill and learn that his new body was lactose intolerant!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Her doing... (Part 1)

This was not what Jack Fordham was expecting when the old man hired a hooker. However, now he was looking into his old eyes while his own spirit was inside the body of the sexy hooker he had hired. While he still wore her lingerie, he still felt so naked. But he also felt young, agile, and smooth. He didn't know how they had swapped bodies, but he would soon learn that it was her doing...

Devil in a Blue Dress (Part 5)

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It had been a few weeks since John had told his best friend Jerry that he was going to use the Great Shift to steal the identity of the body he shifted into. It had already been declared illegal to do so, but so far no one seemed to be on to him. Jerry could spoil it all though, but still, it was nice to have someone that he could share his secret with and enjoy this rich woman's money with!

More modest

In some ways, Ryan guessed that he should consider himself lucky. He was outside of a big fashion gala when the Great Shift occurred, and he got swapped into the body of a fashion model in attendance. Just a few minutes earlier, he had been passing by the old folks home! That would've been a disaster! He was totally lucky to still be young, and even luckier to be hot! The length of the dress bothered him though, and he kept tugging it down to try and cover up more. In the midst of the Shift's chaos, he pondered stealing something more modest from the fashion gala.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jarring (Part 4)

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Even able to see the shoreline from the docks, Corey still couldn't place where he was. Then it dawned on him. What if he hadn't swapped with someone on the platform where his train passed, but with someone on a train platform somewhere else? There were really no rules to this Great Shift thing; he could be anywhere! Maybe he should stop focusing on the where he was and start focusing on the WHO he was.

Physical Therapy (Part 1)

The Great Shift was a blessing for Eugene. He had been crippled since birth, but now he had fully functioning legs! Sure, he now had a fully functioning vagina as well, but it seemed like a fair exchange to him. He was so unused to walking that for several weeks after the Shift, he had to work with a physical trainer just to keep his balance while standing.


Dan couldn't believe he was attending a party in his sister's body. It had been a week since they had accidentally switched bodies, and they both had been avoidning social events, but she insisted that he attend this one for her. She had helped him get ready, pick out an outfit, and do his hair. However, when he first arrived, he could not believe how it almost seemed like instinct for him to make his way to the bathroom and adjust his makeup. He was more freaked out when he did it perfectly...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You can't fix it!?

Dr. Martin Carter had ran an ad in the paper offering good pay to be the test subject of his new mindswapping machine. The only person to respond was a young woman named Tanya. With little choice, Dr. Carter knew that he'd have to use be the other subject. He hooked both himself and Tanya up to his machine and activated it. Within moments, he was inside Tanya's lucious black body, and she was inside his pale, frail frame. A few sparks on the machine caused the doctor to rush over to see what had happened, but it was all a confusing mess to him. He must've miscalcuated and failed to translate his full knowledge and skills to Tanya's body. He couldn't even figure out how to reactivate the machine! Instead, he had all of her skills--he instinctly knew now to put on make-up! He turned to Tanya to ask her to switch them back, but she took one look at the machine and somehow knew that it was fried. She didn't know how, but she sort of had the feeling that she could fix it. It would take about a week, and in that time, Dr. Carter would have to live Tanya's life. Having the knowledge of a high school drop out and working in a shoe store in that time was frustrating for him. He was thankful when he saw his old body enter the shop, but Tanya had bad news. She would not be able to repair the machine. His eyes went wide, "What chu mean you can't fix it!?" He couldn't believe that he even had Tanya's accent now!

A good deal

Julian Givenchy used to be one of the richest men in the world. His name was on countless buildings and companies. Though at aged 63, he was not an attractive man, his money often allowed him to attract many beautiful women. Melony came into his life with one purpose--to trick him out of all his money. She didn't like the thought of sleeping with the old man, but knew it was necessary for her magical spell to steal his life. Walking by one of his old offices now in Melony's sexy body, he didn't consider it an unfair exchange. In fact, being young and sexy was a bargain considering he was about to be investigated for consumer fraud.

Pushover (Part 1)

The chaos in the wake of the Great Shift didn't surprise Mick one little bit. When he suddently found himself in the body of a woman, and then heard screaming from the hoards of people around him, he just knew things were going to get ugly. However, he didn't quite expect what happened to him. In the midst of the chaos, he found his body. He approached calmly to discuss the situation with whoever was now inside. Instead, Mick found himself thrown to the floor while his body ran off somewhere. It just didn't make any sense to him whatsoever.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cross-family sibling swap

Deion looked down at his arm. He still couldn't get used to the fact that he now had the pale white skin of Sam's sister, Katie. Sam was a bit calmer about being inside the body of Deion's sister, Latisha. Of course, considering it was Sam's fooling around with magical spells on the internet that had caused the two familys' siblings to swap, he wasn't as surprised. After seeing how much Deion had freaked out at first though, he decided to keep the fact that he was responsible a secret from everyone. He hadn't actually minded being in Latisha's body. He loved how he could now dress all sexy, and he certainly enjoyed being able to see her naked whenever he wanted!

Getting out of there....

Jesse was on a crowded street when the Great Shift happened, and he went from being a 40-year-old fat, balding man to being a sexy woman. Not realizing what was exactly going on or why he had a new, younger body, he decided the best thing to do was get the heck out of there to get as far away from the original owner as possible.

Copy + Paste (Part 7)

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It wasn't hard at all for Freddy to track down Matt, still in a copy of Yuki's body. He had been using his copy of the magic camera to make all sort of swaps, and it was simply a matter of following a trail of chaos. When Freddy noticed Matt laying around, he thought he could simply swipe the camera from him, but when he got closer, Matt quickly turned in his direction.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Matt said, "Unless you want me to turn you into the picture that I currently have loaded--which just happens to be a rat I just saw."

"You don't have to give me back the camera," Freddy responded, "But you've got to be a little more responsible."

"Says who?"

"Says me!" Freddy responded once more pulling out his own camera, prepared for a duel.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting into character

Paul White saw his old body running up to him, and he knew that he'd have to get into character fast if he wasn't going to pull this off.

"Oh. My. God. Paul!" His body screamed, "We've swapped bodies! I'm in your body Paul!"

"What are you talking about?" Questioned Paul trying to put on his best sincerely confused face.

"That's my body! You have my body! I'm Amanda!"

"Just look in a mirrot! It's clear that YOU'RE Paul, and I AM Amanda..." Paul lied, "Maybe you've been drinking too much?"

Shotgunning a beer

Pamela didn't quite know what to say when she walked into the bathroom to see her sorority sister Kelly shotgunning a beer at 9AM. Kelly had always been the goody-two-shoes of the sorority...not even drinking at the house's parties. What Pamela couldn't know was that an accident in the science lab had swapped Kelly's mind with that of Derek, a party animal fratboy. Derek was still in disbelief of the fact that he now sported two perky breasts and was drinking constantly to numb himself. The two were going to have some interesting experiences before they were able to swap back...


This had been Arwin's third trip to the mall in the past week. It had been a month since the Great Shift wrecked devistation upon the planet...well, maybe devistation wasn't the right word, at least not for Arwin. He had gone from being an 80 year old man to a smokin' hot 20 year old babe. He had to complete change his warddrobe. His first trip resulted in plenty of cute tops and pants. Next was a shoe shopping extravaganza. This most recent trip? Dresses!