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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sidelined (Part 5)

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Michael was furious when the time came for Keiko to return to Japan, and she still hadn't swapped their bodies back. He was forced to go to Japan as her. He was surprised upon his arrival that he seemed to be able to understand and speak Japanese fluently (though it made sense since Keiko had never struggled with English in his body). A bigger surprise was that in her room, he found the reversal spell--though it seemed far too late now that he was thousands of miles from his old body. However, once Michael started attending Keiko's final year of studies, the teachers quickly became impressed. Since they had no idea of the swap, they assumed Keiko's English skills simply benefited from her short time aborad. They offered a scholarship to any American University. Michael jumped home with glee that day--he knew where Keiko was attending college in his body, and now he had a way to follow her and get his body back! He just had to wait one more year!

Read more closely

Ned had been saving up for a vacation at Exchange Island for ten years. He was getting a little older, and his sexual abilities were beginning to wane. However, he still looked rather handsome. He figured he could trick a slightly uglier, younger man to switch with him for his trip, so he could fling out a few one night stands like in his younger days. But he should've read the brochure more closely, which stated that all swaps on the island were random. He was immediately uncomfortable with the sexy FEMALE body he ended up with, and pledged that one night stands were off the table. He had wished this woman would've packed some more conservative clothes--he also wished he was able to do things like hook bras or tie bikinis in the back! He seemed to be incapable!

Shooting star

Last night Robbie made a wish on a falling star to be rich and successful. He had expected to slowly amass wealth through wise investments or something. He hadn't expected the wish to be granted overnight by him swapping bodies with someone who already was rich and successful. And he certainly didn't expect that person to be female! He woke up the next morning in shock of his new body. He opened a closet full of designer dresses, groaning at the lack of pants. He didn't want to leave the house, but he had to go out for one very important purchase--a telescope. He had finished setting it with about an hour to spare before the sun fell. He'd find another shooting star tonight for sure, and he'd be able to wish to reverse last night's wish!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Part 6)

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Despite all the hardships that Justin had gone through with his wife, he still hadn't forgotten the promise he made to his daughter, Liz, when they first swapped bodies. He continued to exercise an hour every morning, keeping her body sexy, fit, and shapely. It was hard for him. Even a year later, he was still uncomfortable the way the breasts would bounce as he ran, or the way his legs would rub together with no penis there. He only imagined Liz had it worse, having gone through her freshman year of college as a middle aged man.


It was the same thing every day for nerdy third-grader, Mikey Smith. A sixth-grade bully by the name of Rick O'Connor. Rick would push Mikey off his bike, take his lunch money, and torment the poor child. Mikey had hoped the Great Shift would change this bullying. After all, he was much bigger now that he switched bodies with his neighbor! He was out on his bike for the first time since the Shift, picking up some groceries for his mom when a strange looking woman knocked him over. Mikey started crying as he collected the spilled groceries from the sidewalk as the woman kicked his bike. With the way this bully moved and acted, Mikey knew who it had to be, Rick. Considering that they were both in a similar post-Shift situation, Mikey would've hoped that Rick would've been nicer to him, but he appeared to be meaner and angrier than ever.


That was the only thing that Jared could seem to say in response to the effects of the Great Shift. The large breasts felt like a huge weight now on his chest, and he was very afraid to reach down and feel the new void between his legs.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fixing the roof (Part 2)

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After teetering on a ladder with stripper heels to fix the roof, Wally came down feeling sweaty, and in need of a shower and change of clothes. He tried to change into one of his own shirts, but with the massive boobs he now supported post-Great Shift, the buttons just wouldn't close. He had similar problems while trying to wear anything in his wife's closet. He reluctantly went back to the strip club where he had found himself when the Shift first happened. The manager, who was also shifted into a stripper and simply had nowhere else to go, led Wally to the locker that belonged to "Misty" (Wally groaned when he heard the name), which was filled with clothes that would now fit him. Of course, the selection left a lot to be desired...

The pits!

William had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend the night before about how long it took her to get ready. In her rage, she cast some sort of voodoo spell to swap their bodies. William, now in her body, as a little confused the next night. Had she been trying to prove a point with this? William couldn't seem to figure out what it may be. While in her body, he had not showered or used deodorant, yet he still smelled way too flowery everywhere! Even his pits!

The jazz singer (Part 1)

Christopher had taken his girlfriend to the jazz club for a nice evening: a meal, a few drinks, and a good time. He hadn't expected to be instantly tantilized by the jazz singer who took to the stage that night. She not only had an amazing voice, but she was also incredibly sexy. It wasn't long before the look of jealousy was upon his girlfriend's face, but Christopher was oblivious. He was simply hypnotized by her singing. He mind just seemed to drift off as she finished the last song of the evening's first set, almost as if he was floating beside himself, but then the audience applause snapped him back, but something now felt strange. He had been sitting down before his mind drifted, but now he was standing up. He perception had changed; he was in a different part of the room, and not just anywhere--he was on stage! There was a microphone with his hand. It took a moment for his brain to put the pieces together, but then he reached a hand down to feel a tight ass under a silky dress. He ran his hands up his new curves. Somehow he had swapped bodies with the jazz singer!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A tale of the Great Shift (Part 1)

It didn't take long for Brian to realize the effects of the Great Shift, and as soon as he noticed that he was now in the body of a blonde woman, he fell to the ground and screamed. This was surreal! He didn't want to be a woman. He didn't know who he was--he didn't even know where he was! After overcoming the initial shock, he next goal was to figure out a way back to his home.

Copy + Paste (Part 9)

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Matt had to admit that the initial transformation his pal Freddy initiated was intimidating. The guy had not only transformed Matt's body into the body of some punk chick, but he managed to morph the entire space around them. That guy was skilled with the strange transformation camera, but Matt had some plans of his own. He wouldn't be won over easily, and he began to plot his own opening move.

Lighter and Unbalanced (Part 3)

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It was then that James noticed the heels his new body was wearing. He lifted his leg to get a better look of how tall they were. He had to hold onto the wall just to keep his balance as he teetered on a sole heel. He pondered just taking them off, but he figured he'd now probably have to learn how to walk in heels sooner or later now anyway...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fixing the roof

For several weeks now, Wally had been using all sort of his excuses to not fix the roof. His wife finally put her foot down and told him that this week he'd have to fix it no matter what. As he started setting up the ladder on Saturday afternoon, he was suddenly whisked away from his own body. The 50 year old married man suddenly found himself in the body of a stripper back stage at a club. Not wanting to be forced into humiliating acts, he returned home. On his way, he found out that he wasn't the only one who had changed. He had guessed a massive worldwide bodyswap would be a good excuse to delay fixing the roof for another week. His wife wouldn't hear it and demanded he get to work.

Infinite loop

When Michael and Harold met Candice and Debbie at the club, they didn't expect that the two girls would invite them back to their place that night, nor did they expect the girls to tie them up. Candice and Debbie were witches itching to steal the men's bodies. However, once switched the men now found themselves free in the bodies of the women while the women were tied up in the men's bodies. The two men saw the open spell book and headed to the store in search of ingredients for the reversal spell. Harold urged Michael to hurry up, in case Candice or Debbie broke their bonds, but Michael had other concerns. Once they tried to swap back, wouldn't they be the ones once again tied up? Would not the women perform the swap again--couldn't this be just an infinite loop?

Popular (Part 4)

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Jeremy didn't actually plan to sleep with Megan's boyfriend while he was in her body, but he had enjoyed tormenting her with the idea. However, her boyfriend, Chad, had called, and Jeremy couldn't resist the opportunity to cause a little trouble, especially since Chad was also a member of the popular crowd that had teased Jeremy quite frequently. Jeremy arrived at the spot where he had told Chad to meet him. His plan was quite simple: break Chad's heart. As he was inside Megan's body, Jeremy would simply dump Chad. He smiled as he thought about exactly what he would say. Claiming lesbianism might be fun, but then he'd imagine Chad would just ask to watch. Announcing cheating on him might be nice, but with who? His smile grew even wider. He needed only think about his friends, the fellow nerds and outcasts.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Off guard

The Great Shift understandably caught many people off guard. Ray had been sitting at home when all of sudden he found himself teetering on heels. He immediately lost his balance and was now lifting himself up. Meanwhile right next to him, Dan was getting used to his new body as well. Truth be told, before the Shift he had been having a drunken rant about how tough it was being a white man in America. He couldn't help but feel a bit of karma now that he was in the body of a dark-skinned woman. Something told him his new life wouldn't be easy...


When the Great Shift hit, Seymour took a look at his situation. Looking down, he saw that he was now a woman wearing a big pink sweater. From what he could tell, he had small boobs and a flat butt. If he had to be a woman, why couldn't he be a sexy one? He sighed. However, once he finally found a mirror and saw his reflection, he squealed in delight! He couldn't believe how cute his face was! Sure, he might not have had a voluptuous body, but that face looking back at him was downright sexy!

Bodyswapping orb (Part 9)

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Kyle returned to the bodyswapping orb with Mike, figuring any body would be better than one that was seven months pregnant, but he knew he had hit the jackpot once his spirit was whisked away to backstage at a fashion show. Checking out his new body, this one had to be the hottest yet. With skinny legs encased in leather pants, he knew he had to be one of the models. As was typical with these swaps, he assumed Mike was now inside the sexy redhead next to him. Surely, a body that hot would HAVE to satisfy him. Mike leaned in and put his head on Kyle's shoulder.
"Hey, Kyle," he whispered, "Let's go back to the orb!"
Kyle could only sigh.

Monday, January 25, 2010


After finding a weird medallion that was able to swap bodies, Charles had agreed to swap with his girlfriend for three days, but after awaking with a horrible mess in his bed the next morning thanks to her monthly visitor, he sent her a text, "GOT UR . LST NITE PLZ SWP BK EARLY?"

A few seconds passed before he got a response, "Sry! Zulu dsn't wk when on ur . have to wait!"


Randy couldn't believe that the spellbook his girlfriend, Tina, had found in the library had actually worked! Though now he had wished he hadn't dared her to cast a bodyswapping spell! Now inside each other's bodies, they frantically searched through books for a reversal spell. The pair had been there all afternoon, and Randy was getting quite uncomfortable with Tina's skirt constantly riding up. She laughed to herself whenever he made a big deal of it. Fact of the matter was that the reversal spell was actually in the original book, she just wanted to see Randy squirm while in her body. She might tell him about it...eventually...

Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Part 5)

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It had been several rough months since Justin swapped daughters with Liz, his eldest daughter. After taking much of that time for some soul searching, he had decided to divorce from his wife. She knew their relationship had been troubled since the switch, but she also understood such a split was inevitable. They agreed to remain friends. Now, the only matter was to break the news to his youngest daughter, Becky. He held her hand as he took her for a walk to explain that daddy would be leaving...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Job interview

Patrick had been running late to his job interview but breathed a sigh of relief when he made it into the downtown building with five minutes to spare. Though his mind was focused on the upcoming interview, he couldn't help but spy who he shared the ride with. She had pressed for the floor of a modeling agency; he could easily guess what she did. She wore a white dress shirt with long sleeves and a low neck line. Jean shorts so short that the pockets hung out from the bottom hem, and high heels to further accent her sexy legs. He took her all in for a moment, but as the elevator dinged off floors, he became increasingly nervous about his interview. So nervous and focused that by the time he reached his spot, he hadn't noticed the Great Shift just as the door opened. He walked out into an office now in total chaos. The receptionist seemed at a loss for how to do her job or who she was. A man in a suit ran screamed passed Patrick into the elevator. Patrick's nerves calmed and he thought that maybe this wasn't the job for him. He pressed the down button on the elevator, and that's when he noticed the bright red manicured nails on his hand...

First date

Over the past 20 years since leaving home at age 18, Malcolm had grown apart from his family. When his father died, he saw his sister for the first time in many years. He told her that he had wished they had been closer. She looked at him with a knowing look when Malcolm's world started to spin around him. The next thing he knew, he was in the bathroom he and his sister shared growing up. He was shocked when he took a peak in the mirror to see his sister peaking back. But it wasn't his sister as he had just seen her, it was his sister when she was 17 years old in the late 80s! Slowly he began to remember this night--it was a week before Malcolm was set to go to college, and the night of his sister's first date!

Bottom line

Mrs. Wong had been so annoyed with her husband ever since the Great Shift had put him into the body of this young woman. He was acting like a whole new person. He was no longer as affectionate to her, his natural sense of modesty was certainly gone, and he hadn't helped in the store they owned together ONCE since the Shift. Tonight he had come into the store to "pick some things up." His wife glared at him after seeing what he was grabbing, which included cigarettes and a box of condoms. Mr. Wong told her to relax, that they were for friends he was hanging out with that night. He'd worry about the cost to his store's bottom line later.

"OUR store's bottom line," his wife reminded him.

Mr. Wong rolled his eyes. She hadn't switched bodies in the Great Shift. How thought that she couldn't possibily understand what he was going through. This was a second chance at life for him, and this time he wanted to have a little fun. What was so hard for her to understand about that?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Idols (Part 2)

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After using an ancient idol inside the museum to steal the bodies of two women, Steve and John heard the morning guards arriving. With no time left, they slipped out the back entrance leaving their old bodies inside lifeless and soulless while the women's bodies were trapped in another idol at the museum. They walked the streets outside of the museum, which was in the Chinatown neighborhood of the city. The two caught their breath in an alley not far away. John pulled out a cigarette and a cell phone from the woman's pocket. However, while the symbols on the keys seemed familiar he was having a hard time when he thought about dialing. As he spoke to express these concerns, strange words came out. It seems he could only speak in a language that had been dead for thousands of years. He looked around and was releaved to be able to read any english signs, but he couldn't say the words for some reason. It got worse when Steve tried to question, but spoke in the same unknown language. The two men were able to understand the world around them just fine but were simply now unable to communicate in english! Something had gone very wrong when the idol put their souls in these women's bodies!

Pink painted toenails

Within moments of the Great Shift occurring, Charles realized he was in a very different place. He looked down to see pink painted toenails poking out of high heeled sandals. As he tried moving, he felt somewhat restricted by the skin tight leather pants now on his legs, but the real problem was the shoes. He was simply teetering, completely unable to walk on such heels.