Saturday, January 16, 2010


The reactions to the Great Shift were quite varied, but it everywhere people were getting used to their new bodies in their own ways. The lucky ones were able to do so in private, without any prying eyes of the public--which quite often meant people would see their own bodies being felt up in a truly out of body experience. Daniel Myers was certainly one who wanted to feel up the new boobs he was now blessed with--and did so while making the sexiest pout he could muster. Next to him stood Andy Heinz, who had been shaking while focusing on the well-manicured nails on his new dainty hand before slowly moving his gaze up his new arm.

Growling (Part 5)

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In the hours since the Great Shift, Benjamin did his best to figure out his current predicament. It seemed a dog occupied his human body, and he was inside the body of a woman named Marsha, which he found out after speaking to some of her friends. Many were concerned that they couldn't figure out who Marsha had swapped into, including Benjamin himself. By the end of the night, he had thown up his hands and was ready to go home. Unable to get his keys from his own growling body, he was thankful that one of Marsha's friends knew where she had placed her jacket and purse. He figured it made more sense to go to her home anyway; that way he'd have access to a fitting wardrobe and any new feminine needs. Marsha could only watch the scene in sadness, now inside the body of a dog and unable to communicate with anyone. She eventually decided to follow Benjamin back to her home, hoping he'd be able to put the clues together.

I'm not sure

Kevin had been relaxing in his living room when a strange white light engulfed him, and he felt woozy. He head was feeling weird, but he snapped to when he heard a scream.

"Oh my God! This isn't my body," the woman's voice screamed, "Who am I? Why do I have this whip? Who are you?"

Kevin was about to respond when he looked down and saw a leash in his hand and high heeled boots on his feet. He answered timidly, "My name is...or it WAS Kevin, but now? I'm not so sure anymore. This is sort of freaking me out."

Friday, January 15, 2010


Dimitri had been working as the circus strongman for as long as he could remember, but in the wake of the Great Shift he knew that his career would be over. He had swapped bodies with the only female sword swallower in the circus. She was on stage at the time of the Shift. He nearly freaked out when it occured, and there was a volunteer from the audience (who luckily never swapped with anyone) pulling a sword out of his throat. He passed the dressing rooms to stand outside of the tent the performance was taking place in. He felt silly wearing her elaborate costume, but the feeling of silliness was quickly replaced with a feeling of depression. He was sure he wasn't going to able to do the sword swallowing routine, and he was certainly no strongman anymore. But the circus was the only life he knew; what would he do?

Where do you think you are going? (Part 1)

When Pam saw her brother Roger getting dressed for the first time after the accident, she was horrified. He hadn't done makeup; he hadn't combed her hair; the clothers appeared to be just whatever he first grabbed with no sense of style. However, seeing the huge smile on his face made her suspicious. Had the events of yesterday really been an "accident?" Or had her brother stolen her body on purpose. Something about the smile suggested the latter. She couldn't ask him directly, so she started with some round about questioning.

First and foremost she asked, "And just where do you think you are going in MY

Last time

Arthur had been playing with a machine that he discovered called the Morphic Adaption Unit for a few weeks now, and he really wanted to impress his friends when he finally showed them. After powering it up, he jumped inside and transform his body into a bikini-clad, high-heeled-wearing blonde woman. His friends were insisting that it was some sort of trick until Arthur spoke from the woman's body in his own voice. Though while he was distracting with impressing his friends, Arthur failed to notice the machine powering down for the last time.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lighter and unbalanced (Part 2)

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It had only been a few minutes, and James was (of course) far from used to the balance of his new body. He had initially thought it was just due to the loss of his beer gut and the addition of some curves, but as he started to walk around, he could feel something else strange.

Sidelined (Part 2)

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It had only been a few days since Keiko had stolen Michael's body. He sat eating lunch alone. She came up to him, and he had hoped she was doing so to reverse the swap or apologize. However, he nearly choked on his lunch when she asked him out! Michael was a little uncomfortable about the idea of being his own body's girlfriend, but it would allow him to keep a close eye on Keiko.

Gas mask

Sam found himself in an odder situation than most as a result of the Great Shift. Not only was he now in the body of a woman but one wearing a gas mask. His initial hypothesis was that the Shift was caused by some sort of airborn toxin that this body had known about, but the mask had failed to prevent. His theory was blown when he realized that the rest of the woman's outfit included a leather dress, suggesting something kinky instead.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kiddie pool

Carla sent her 10-year-old son outside to play in his kiddie pool until she could figure out what could've possibly caused her to swap bodies with him. She didn't quite know where to start, but after searching the internet, she only found internet sites dedicated to fictional encounters with no real world applications. She would have no way of knowing that her neighbor was testing out a bodyswapping invention with the power turned up a little too high--something that almost would seem cliche in one of those stories. Meanwhile, her son just sat in the pool, feeling like the activity that would usually interest him just seem a little less fun than usual.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Justin worked as a scientist and had always pushed the idea of majoring in science to his daughter, Liz, when she would enter college next year. In a final effort, he brought her along to his job on Take Your Daughter to Work Day on one warm April morning. He showed her various superconductors, chemical vials, and other equipment, but she just yawned. Science wasn't her thing. But then Justin and Liz heard a bang, a crash, and then an explosion. Justin threw himself on top of Liz to protect her, but there didn't seem to be any immediate danger despite the noise. Or was there? When they got up off the floor, the two were shocked when they looked at each other to learn that they had swapped bodies! A chemical leak caused the noise and the unpredictable reaction. A team got immediately on solving the problem, but they would be stuck as each other for at least a week! Liz whined all the way home, but Justin promised to take good care of her body and even let her take the week off school. The next day he was out first thing for her daily hour long exercise regiment.

Her doing... (Part 2)

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It wasn't long before Jack found himself with a gun pointed at his new head. The former hooker now in his body pulled one out of the bag she had brought with her once he started asking questions about how and why they had swapped. She explained that she had stolen his body looking for a better life. She said that Jack could either except his new life as her, or he'd end it for her right now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


To earn a bit of extra credit, Marcus had signed up for an experiment to test out various hypnotic tapes. He had been listening to one for around three hours now which told him that when he looked down or looked in the mirror that he'd see a very different person than what he was used to seeing. Instead of his male, caucasian self, he'd see a gorgeous asian female. It described in detail the person he'd see, the size of her boobs, the clothes she'd be wearing. He was surprised when he looked down to see that the hypnosis tapes had worked! The mind must be really powerful! What no one told Marcus, however, was that the experiment actually didn't change his mind at all. In fact, they had developed an airborn drug to be able to morph someone's body. How he saw himself was actually real.

Popular (Part 1)

Jeremy had never been a popular teenager, but he had been hoping he'd be able to pick up some things from the department store without being hassled. After all, it was a Friday night, don't the popular kids have something better to do? He was a little relieved when the only person from his school that he saw was Megan Tyler. She was a total bitch, but maybe she'd leave him alone since she was alone. However, it wasn't long before she was making fun of his gawky stance and large, nerdy glasses. Jeremy yelled back for Megan to shut up, but she kept pestering. Then something happened that neither could have predicted. The world went silent for a moment, and both felt strange. Then the silence passed. Megan was shocked to see her own body now teetering and nearly falling over on her high heels. Jeremy was equally shocked to see his own self a few feet away, but when he tried to approach, had some difficulty walking with Megan's high heels now on his feet.

In Leather (Part 6)

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It had been a few days since Jerry had first spoken with his friend John in a post-Great Shift world. John had been swapped into the body of a very rich woman and had even offered to share some of that wealth with Jerry in exchange for keeping the secret of who he really was. Jerry knew that he'd keep the secret regardless of any monitary motivation, but considering the wild outfits he found in the closets of his new body (whose original inhabitant had also never seemed to surface), he considered asking for money for a new wardrobe. Jerry also thought it was nice to have a friend. John wasn't only person he had talked to so far since the Shift--mostly because they were best friends, but he just hadn't been able to bring himself to try to meet face to face with any of his other friends considering his current clothing options.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Copy + Paste (Part 8)

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Freddy couldn't believe he was about to duel against one of his good friends with cameras that could literally transform reality while in the body of a blue-haired Japanese woman. The situation was surreal. He thought that with his first move, he try to do something so impressive that Matt might just instantly give up. He transformed the outdoor pavilion into a large nightclub, with Freddy and Matt now standing behind the DJ booth. Freddy smiled, but it quickly turned to an image of fear as Matt started to fiddle with his own camera--he was not going to give up anytime soon.

Holy sh*t!

"Holy shit," Myles muttered, and upon hearing the high pitched squeaky words coming from his new mouth he covered his new hand over his face, and his eyes went wide from the shock. He was unsure how he suddently had become a woman, but it was a little too much for him to wrap his head around, and hearing that new voice was just too much for him...

Lighter and unbalanced (Part 1)

After being blasted by a white light, James could tell that something was quite different. He felt lighter and unbalanced. Looking down he saw that his beer gut had vanished but it had been replaced with a very sexy, shapely female body--although the top was covered by a coat, he could now easily see his new, shapely legs.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Steve and John knew they'd be in trouble if anyone knew that they had taken one of two idols from the museum where they worked as security guards, but considering the legends of what the idols did, they just had to try them out. The one they took seemed to work well. The idol sucked out the souls of the two women leaving their bodies limp. The men were nowconfident that the second idol would work as well, which would put their own souls into the bodies of these two girls. However, the second idol was still back at the museum, so they needed to get the girls' bodies there. They hesistated putting the girls lifeless bodies in the backseat, thinking it might look suspicious, so they tried to stick them in the trunk. This too proved to be problematic, but after several hours of adjusting, they managed to fit them in. They arrived at the museum with only a short time before the morning guards would arrive. They dragged the two girls into the museum and initiated the second idol. Both men couldn't be happier in their new, sexy bodies. But the question of what to do with their old bodies remained. Should they leave them there soulless and lifeless or free the souls of the women into their old bodies?

Hard to Believe

Doug was sitting at home when the Great Shift happened, transporting him across town into a strangers body. Not having figured out exactly what had happened, when Doug came across the mirror, he was shocked to see a woman staring back at him. He picked up the phone and dialed his home number.

"Honey, I know this is hard to believe, but this is your husband."

"It's not that hard," the woman's voice on the other end said, "I was shocked to find myself in your wife's body as well! And she seems to be shocked to be in yours!

Physical Therapy (Part 2)

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A few more months passed since the Great Shift, and Eugene's physical therapy progressed. Now he was not only walking but skipping, prancing, and dancing--in high heel shoes no less! He had come to accept his new gender as well and had recently started dating his physical therapist, who had helped him so much in the days and months since the Shift.