Saturday, June 1, 2013

Port (Part 2)

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Time was running out. It had been eleven months since Ted and Ivy had their bodies switched by the witch. It seemed their latest port of call might be it. Ivy spotted what looked like the woman from afar. She pointed, and Ted agreed it was her. However, he paused as Ivy went rushed forward. She stopped and turned back to see her husband just standing there.

“I don’t want to.” He said, “I hate to say this, but I think I like being you! I want to stay like this!”

“Well, I don’t!” She screamed back, “I’m going to force that witch to switch us back!”

However, when Ivy turned back around, the witch had disappeared. Where could she have gone? Even if she found her, would she be able to swap back with her reluctant partner?

Friday, May 31, 2013

Eccentric (Part 1)

A few years ago, Miles had created one of the biggest hit websites, making him a billionaire. His wealth had made him quite eccentric. Very few knew how he spent much of his vast fortune, but prostitutes were a common rumor, and it certainly wasn’t untrue. On one night in the red light district, one woman on the street caught his eye. She wore a tube top, orange coat, and pleather shorts; she told him her name was Amie. He was sure it wasnt’ her real name. He asked if she had any diseases, and she assured him she didn’t. He then flashed some cash, and Miles whisked her away to a posh penthouse. He asked her if she recognized him, and she confessed she did. He joked and asked if knowing that would cost him more. She looked sternly at him.

“It will cost you everything,” She said before starting to recite words in a strange language.

Cranky (Part 4)

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George could feel this body’s young sex drive stir inside of him, but he just couldn’t ignite it. He tried searching through some fashion magazines around, but none of the beautiful women seemed to do anything for him. Then he realized that if he was in a woman’s body now, it was a very real possibility that he would be interested in men! The thought seemed so foreign and weird to him, but as he thought about men more and more, it was beginning to really turn him on!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reluctantly (Part 1)

TG Possession Caption
Josh was just going for a simple walk around his neighborhood. He was startled when a woman walked out of an apartment building on his street and banged right into him. The two fell to the ground unconscious with a thud. His spirit floated out of his body. He took quite a while just flying around, enjoying the freedom, but eventually decided he needed to return to his body. However, when he returned to the scene, there was only one body left unconscious and it wasn’t his! Reluctantly, he floated down and possessed the woman’s body. It felt awkward for him, but what choice did he have? Without knowing what else to do, he sat on the step in front of her door and waited. He was sure she had to return eventually, right?

Up on the roof

When Tanisha had invited Will up onto the roof, he had hoped they would fool around a little bit. He never expected to end up switching bodies with her and seeing his own body lie unconscious. With his own soul inside of Tanisha, he could only hope hers was inside of his body. Then there would be the issue of switching back. He had hoped to get close to her up here, but he could’ve never expected anything like this!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Carly hated how her parents were arguing lately. They always told her that it wasn’t her fault, but Carly knew it was. The whole thing started because she found a shiny object on the side of the road as she walked home from school one day. Carly saw her mom put it on later that night, and when she touched it to her dad, she saw them transform into each other right in front of her eyes. At first they seemed happy, so much so that Carly tossed the medallion into the trash can. But then the arguments started. Each of her parents blamed the other for getting rid of the medallion. They practically tore the house apart looking for it. They were angry now that they were trapped in each other’s bodies. Carly didn’t want to fess up that she had been the one who tossed the medallion in the trash. She just knew her parents were mad and thought telling the truth would cause that anger to be directed towards her.

Loss for words

Edward ran into his house after returning from school and entered his father’s study. He was surprised to see a woman standing there. The woman spoke with a husky voice that Edward immediately recognized.

“Dad?” Edward asked.

“Yes, Ed, it’s me.” His dad’s husky voice coming from the woman still seemed odd to Edward, “There was a strange accident at work today. For the next several days, I will be stuck in this body. I’ll also be working from home and mostly staying inside until this can all be reversed.”

Edward was at a loss for words.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Away from it all

TG Altered Fates Caption
Kevin might have appeared calm, but on the inside he was in a panic. He could have sworn this is where he had set up his towel, but it was now gone along with his shoes, clothes, room key, and (worst of all) the Medallion of Zulu. He had just gotten up for a quick second; where could it have gone in that time? He did a quick scan around, but there was no sign of anything. Maybe someone was playing a prank on him? Maybe they’d return with his stuff shortly? It didn’t seem likely. No one he knew was even here! He had intended to use the medallion for a weekend vacation, to truly get away from all of his worries, but unless he could find it again, he’d have an entirely new set of worries very soon!

Coffee time (Part 5)

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As Chuck examined the wires, he became more and more convinced that they were responsible for swapping him into this woman’s body, but he still couldn’t figure out how to trigger them -- nor did he have any idea where his body had gone off to even if he could figure out the wires. He sighed as he walked away. He’d have to try it again some other day. For the time being, he’d have to adjust to being this woman.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Far from coincidence (Part 2)

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TG Caption Body Swap
Leah and Kamal continued to chat and catch up for a few minutes, but their conversation was soon interrupted by a very odd stranger. He seemed old and homeless. He had unkempt white hair, a bushy beard, and a yellowed glass eye. He pointed a finger at them and Leah and Kamal stepped back in fear. They soon both felt light-headed and started having a truly out of body experience. Leah was scared as her spirit seemed to be slowly floating out of her body, but she was more terrified when it floated back -- straight in Kamal’s body! She was now him! She turned to look at her own body, glancing it over up and down in shock. Kamal, now in Leah’s body, returned a knowing look, and then both stared back at the old man in anger.

ASAP! (Part 11)

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Samuel couldn’t wait to share all the good news with Miho. He had done a very good job making sure Miho would have a very good life once they were able to swap back. That was the other piece of good news; he was close to recreating his bodyswapping invention. He was just waiting for a few more rare elements to be shipped in and assembled into the device. They had been meeting about once a month since the swap to update each other about their lives. Samuel smiled just thinking about their next scheduled meeting in a few day when he could tell her everything!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

It was gone (Part 1)

Steve reached down to check on the medallion, but it was gone! He had told Kelly it was a bad idea to keep it around his neck all day. He had wanted to keep it back at their apartment building, but she had heard so many stories about the thing getting lost or stolen, so she insisted he take it with him for the day. And now it was gone! That meant he’d be stuck in her body, and she’d be stuck in his!