Saturday, February 8, 2020

Spark (Part 2)

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Nate wanted nothing more than to storm over to his own apartment and demand his body back. However, he felt uncomfortable considering he was presently wearing little more than a bikini made of microchips. He didn’t see any clothes in the immediate vicinity. The wires also seemed to be pretty knotted up, making it difficult for him to break free or explore too far away. He started to untangle himself from them, but it was going to take a while. As he moved about, it was hard to ignore how strange this body felt compared to his own. It bulged in weird placed; the skin was amazingly soft and sensitive. The more he moved, the more it bothered him.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Spark (Part 1)

It was during the most menial of tasks -- plugging his phone into the wall -- that a spark bolted out of the wall to zap Nate. His eyes bolted open moments later, and he let out a deep gasp. He was happy to be alive after such an odd mishap, and he was going to call an electrician as soon as he could. But he quickly realized he wasn’t in his own apartment anymore. He was in a room filled with all kinds of microchips and cords running everywhere. A few more moments passed before he realized he wasn’t in his own body anymore either. He was now inside the body of a woman he had seen around the building; he didn’t know her name, however. What was she doing in here with all this equipment? Had she been he one responsible for the power surge and this apparent body swap?

Thursday, February 6, 2020


Cynthia was quite shocked when she found herself in someone else’s body. She was even more surprised when her own body approached her, stuck a hand into her pocket, and pulled out a cigarette. She watched in horror as he body slouched down beneath a tree, lit up the cigarette, and began to smoke.

“What are you doing?” She asked trying her best to sound indignant with her new voice.

“What? I’m in the body of some chick! I need a smoke.”

“That’s not just the body of ‘some chick.’ That’s MY body, and you can’t just do that to my lungs!”

“Well, they’re my lungs for the time being,” The man now in Cynthia’s body coughed.

Cynthia began to tear up. She needed this man to stop ruining her body!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Henry was having trouble processing the events of the day. He sat on the edge of his desk in his study and went over it all in his head. After teaching classes at the university for decades now, he had been thinking of retiring. Heck, he even had a letter ready to submit to the dean later today explaining his intention to leave at the end of the semester. But as he was lecturing in one of his classes, a bright light came across the auditorium. Instantly, he swapped bodies with one of his students. Not only was he affected, but the entire class -- the entire school -- the entire world. Henry was no longer an old man in his 80s; he was a 20 year old woman. Instead of concerning himself with his new gender, he was more worried about what this meant for his planned retirement. It didn’t seem like a viable option now. He had prepared his mind for it, but he began to realize it was something he had felt forced to do; it wasn’t something he wanted to do. With new, youthful energy, he could continue for many more decades. This shift seemed like a least for him.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Evan thought the weirdest thing about swapping bodies with someone would be the actual fact that he could swap bodies with someone. What was, in fact, much, much weirder was that despite swapping bodies with his hot neighbor, Christine, everyone still treated him as his dorky, eighteen year old male self. He borrowed his sister’s clothes to go for a jog, and his family just looked at him strangely.

Evan knew he had the power to swap bodies with people, but he wondered what purpose it served if people didn’t actually perceive of him as swapped. Maybe there was some sort of trick to make it work better. He thought about trying to swap with someone in the park where he was jogging. Of course, the catch was that whoever he swapped with had to agree to swap, and he doubted anyone would willingly switch bodies with what they probably thought was some sort of crossdresser. He laughed. There was something funny about everyone thinking this smoking hot female body was anything but...

Monday, February 3, 2020

Too Late

Simon intended for his invention to be a mind reading device. Instead when the tested the device with his friend, Jacqueline, he ended up in her body. His own body seemed lifeless, which caused him to suspect Jacqueline’s subconscious was still within the body they now shared. Within a day or two, Simon noticed he knew certain things he wouldn’t suspect, like how to put on makeup. A few more days passed, and Simon actively picked out a dress to wear and felt happy about it. Pieces of Jacqueline were beginning to come through. He didn’t realize how bad it was until he went shoe shopping for three hours, and he left feeling like he actually enjoyed it. He knew he was going to have to use his device again to extract himself from Jacqueline’s body, but he was beginning to worry their two personalities had already gotten too entwined. He couldn’t remember which aspects of his personality were his own and which were Jacqueline’s. He knew he was going to have to try to fix this before it was too late, though he really wondered if it already was...

Sunday, February 2, 2020


Robert could only imagine how angry his wife was at this point. She’d had been stuck in their dog’s body for a week now. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Robert had asked his wife to test out his mind swapping invention with him, and she reluctantly agreed. The dog had somehow gotten into the room during the swap, got in the way, and mixed everything up. Robert ended up in his wife’s body as planned, but his wife ended up in the dog’s body. Before Robert could even figure out what happened, the dog in his body had run out of the house. A search for his body turned up empty.

Robert had only a few choices. The first was to give his wife her body back. He’d be stuck as the dog. He took this option off the table as if his body showed up again, his wife didn’t know how to use the body swapper, and he’d be unable to with paws.

He could leave her as a dog for good. This seemed needlessly cruel.

His final option was to try to find his wife a new body, but picking one thus far had proven difficult. He felt bad stealing someone else’s life, and even when they found someone that fit, convincing a stranger to come back his house proved difficult. Robert could tell his wife was getting quite impatient...