Saturday, March 21, 2009


What the heck? Timothy was completely caught off guard to look down and see two perfect breasts popping out from under his green dress. Wait a second...why was he wearing a green dress? Why was he wearing a dress at all? And why did he have breasts? And this jacket? Tights? High-heeled boots? His mind started racing. Somehow he had wound up in the body of a woman! He had so many questions like how did this happen? When did this happen--was it just now or did it take him a while to notice? How could he have not noticed? What could possible have caused this? If he spontaneously changed genders, where did these clothes come from? If he swapped bodies, where was his old body? Did he have an identity or was he now just some anonymous woman? As question after question poured into his head, his hands roamed around a little more exploring his new body.

Brainwaves (Part 2)

For Part 1, please click here.

Benny felt extremely awful after his machine malfunctioned and swapped his mind with his friend Darcie's. He had been tirelessly trying to fix the invention while also agreeing to keep up all of Darcie's appointments. Going on her dates was always the worst! A man had invited her to go rollerskating, but Benny didn't know how, so he just sat on the site. After her date bought her an ice cream and tried to make a move, he froze up, unable to cope with the man's advance in Darcie's body. The man took the cold shoulder message and just continued to skate. Benny just kept sitting on the sidelines, shocked as the ice cream began to melt. He had certainly hoped he could fix that invention soon!


FBI Agent Seymour Black had been investigating what the bureau called the "Role Exchanger" for the past two years. People randomly switching traits in locations across the globe. There seemed to be no pattern to the locations or the transformations. Mysterious reports in a Virginia suburb called Agent Black to investigate. However, he couldn't seem to gather any information from the visit and came back empty handed. However, unknown to him, he had gotten closer to the Role Exchanger than any other Agent had previously. It was just a shame that he couldn't quite remember what had happened that day nor was he aware of any of the changes that had befallen him. In fact, when she returned, not a single person at the agency could even recall what case Agent Shiela Black had been investigating that called her away. She was reassigned immediately.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Preparing for a New Life

Paul was one of the many people who found themselves in a difficult situation after the Great Shift. He was in a strange place with no wallet, no ID, and only the clothes on his back. As the government tried to sort of out all the information and match up proper identities, he was granted a large amount of government assistance to adjust to his new life as a woman. Aside from receiving money to purchase products he didn't previously need or use (makeup, tampons, etc.), he was let into a warehouse filled with clothes to select an entire wardrobe to prepare him for his new life.

Xavier: Renegade Angel

If you watched this week's episode of Xavier: Renegade Angel, there was a TG element to it. The episode was really out there, you might want to watch the full thing for context, but here is the relevant clip.

Leave Me Alone

"Swap with you again? Back to my old body? You can't be serious!" Marvin laughed at Kimberly's suggestion, "First, you trick me into a bodyswap with you because of my high-paying job on Wall Street while you were unemployed. Then I turn your life around by modeling for advertisements, and at that point you STILL wouldn't swap back. Now that you've lost that Wall Street job you come crawling back? Well, forget it. You were an ambitionless loser in this body, and now you'll be an ambitionless loser in that body! Leave me alone."

Loving His New Life

Dwayne couldn't have been happier with the results of the Great Shift. He had been crippled since birth, confined to a wheel chair. He was been attending an event at the theatre downtown when the Shift occured, switching him into the body of one of the visiting members of the Russian ballet. To go from limited movement to total flexibility was amazing for Dwayne. Sure, he had lost his manhood, but considering his prior condition had rendered it pretty much useless anyway, he couldn't complain about it at all. He loved his new life.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Open Thread

So I have opened up this site to anonymous comments and the like (I didn't realize they were 'closed' to only registered users before. Feel free to post in this thread with comments, questions, or to share a piece of TG media you like from another site.

The REAL Reason Cheney Disappeared in 2001

After September 11, the US Government knew the top heads of state needed to be protected at all costs. Dick Cheney underwent an experimental undercover operation to completely conceal his identity. However, the scientists at the lab made a tremendous error and were unable to transform his face with the rest of his body. For quite sometime thereafter, Cheney was hidden away in a top secret location as they worked to reverse the entire failed process.

Couples Counseling

Each week the four women would get together to gossip about their husbands, the neigborhood, an so on. This week, however, the entire conversation focused around one of the members of the group itself, Tiffany, who had been going to couples counseling with her husband. The psychiatrist had a rather extreme method for the pair to understand each other better: swapping their brains. The other three women bombarded Tiffany with questions: "Did it hurt?"; "What's it like to have a penis?"; "How's the sex?"; "Oh my God! Have you had sex?"; "What about masturbating?"


John should've known better than to pick a hitchhiker. She was just so beautiful that he couldn't resist. He pulled up and asked if she needed a ride, but as she put her hand on the door handle, John felt a bolt of electricity run through him. The next thing he knows he is standing outside the car with his own hand on the door handle. Except that it's not his hand! As his brain goes into shock trying to comprehend how he swapped bodies withthe hitchhiker, she drives off with his car and his body. Now John finds himself stranded on the side of the road in a strange body. He tries to flag down cars for a ride; they are few and far betwen, and not a single one is stopping.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


To make their vacation a little more interesting Marc's wife, Kristen, had brought a medallion with the capability to swap two people's bodies. Marc immediately dismissed the idea as pure fantasy, but quickly became a believer when his wife swapped bodies with him as he slept. Marc agreed to the swap for the week and had to admit he still had a pretty good time, though on the last day Kristen couldn't find the medallion. They tore the hotel room apart looking for it to no avail. Marc remembered they had discussed swapping back the previous night on the beach right before making love in each other's bodies for the first time. As Marc surveyed the situation, he came to the conclusion that it was a real posibility the tide had come in and washed the medallion out to sea. Not wanting to accept this, however, he hoped it got snagged by one of the rocks on the beach and began a frantic search. Kristen chuckled at her husband-turned-wife. There was no way she was going to tell him she stood on the beach that morning and threw the medllion as far into the ocean as she could.


Okay, so this has nothing to do with this blog whatsoever, but lately I've been obsessed with Garfield. Or at least the internet memes that surround Garfield. I think it started with Garfield Minus Garfield, then there was The Garfield Randomizer, and now a friend just forwarded Garfield: Lost in Translation to me. I know, I know. It's random. I'm just curious what other Garfield memes are out there. Seriously. Post them in the comments if you know 'em!

I Know Who You Think I Am

"I know who you think I am. You can stop staring; I'm not her!"

Two weeks ago, Carl had found a strange alien machine that could morph his body by just thinking about it and then entering the machine. Carl had been younger, older, more muscular, and all sorts of things. As the days went by, Carl thought about really getting a new life experience and really testing the machine's limits. He thought about one of his favorite hollywood movie stars, and he was soon her...and even wearing the clothes he had envisioned her in! Previous changes had felt a little weird, but having breasts and no penis was something completely different. He felt very uncomfortable, but when he tried to use the machine again, it had stopped working. Maybe he broke it? Or overloaded it? He decided to try again later. He killed time by going out to the grovery store, which turned out to be hugely annoying. People kept staring at what appeared to be a movie star in their midst. Several guys even came up and awkwardly talked to Carl; a few even asked him out. He got totally fed up with one guy following him and screamed in his direction. When he returned home, the machine was still broke. Days passed; still broken. Carl was
stuck. He'd have to get used to his new body...or should I now say HER new body?

Aliens Reading His Thoughts

After the Great Shift hit, causing upwards of 90% of the population to swap bodies, appearances were often deceiving. Gus Moore had been a 54 year old homeless man before the Shift, but was now in the body of a beautiful 22 year old woman. He was, however, still homeless. He slept in his shopping cart and collected cans and bottles everyday. He welcomed the fact that people now actually talked to him while he was making his rounds. They listened to what he had to say about the importance of recycling. Of course, when he started rambling about how recycling helps prevent aliens from reading his thoughts, people tended to back away...slowly.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

300 Pounds

Abe was nearly devistated when the Great Shift swapped him into the body of a 300 pound woman. Instead of letting it get to him, he decided to do something about it. He started eating right, working out on a regular basis, and just taking amazing care of his new body. Two years later, he may not be as skinny as a supermodel, but he certainly grabs the attention of the men at the gym


When Benny invented a machine that could allow brainwaves to be transmitted over wires, he was ecstatic. The only thing left was some minor testing. Not being very social, he called up one of his childhood friends, Darcie. Benny and Darcie had drifted apart as he concentrated on his studies while she slowly morphed into a punk/raver. Still, they always seemed to find time to connect, and she was fascinated by the idea of Benny's machine. She darted right over as Benny hooked a mess of wires to both of their heads. Maybe he didn't secure the wires properly or maybe there was a powe surge, but activating the machine caused it to explode before they both passed out. Several hours later, Benny awoke first. He ripped the wires off of his head and stumbled to find his glasses, which had fallen on the floor. As things came into focus, he could tell something was wong. His body was sitting on the other side of th room! The machine must not have transmitted not only their brainwaves but their entire brains!

Not Adjusting...

"Alright, guys, stop!" Dylan made a hand motion to his four best friends, "So far we've begged, threatened, rationalized with, and bribed our sisters in the hopes they'd swap us back to our own bodies. Now let's try tricking them. Are we all slutty looking enough? Good. Now, let's make them think we ENJOY being in their bodies. Once their jealous, they'll reverse whatever caused this bodyswitching incident."

The other four guys didn't really have the heart to tell Dylan that they WERE enjoying themselves. They all loved being in their sisters' bodies, wearing sexy clothes, and being women. Poor Dylan. He just wasn't adjusting.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Who's the loser now?

Joe fell down laughing at the poetic justice of his situation. His girlfriend had dumped him after he lost his job in the economic downturn. She called him a complete loser. However, two days later when the Great Shift happened, Joe and his girlfriend found themselves in each other's body. "Who's the loser now?" he thought.

Feeling Bad

"Look, Dad, I'll level with you." Ryan stated, "Mom swapped my body with your secretary's because she was convinced you were having an affair with her. However, after the way you've just been leering at me all day, I don't think you'd ever have the confidence to say hello, let alone build up the courage to ask her to sleep with you. Anyway, it's just been creepy, and I feel bad for Miss Li if this is your behavior around her all day."

Taking What He Can Get

It took several hours after the Great Shift for Barry to find a mirror, but when he did he fell to the floor stunned. Looking back from the looking glass was the more beautiful body he had ever seen, and it was all his! Granted, he probably would've prefered to sleep with this woman rather than be her, but he figured he'd take what he could get.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Every Day for the Rest of His Life

Adam dropped his head into his hand. Of all the bodies of all the people in the world, why did the Great Shift swap him with his ex-girlfriend?? After he found out she cheated on him, they broke up, and he never wanted to see her ever again. However, it appears that now he'll be seeing her face every day for the rest of his life.

Twisted Taxi

Jane had taken a cab from her modeling job downtown to her uptown apartment, but was taken aback when the ride was over and she saw herself getting out of the cab while she found herself in the body of the smelly, disgusting cab driver! She couldn't seem to move to stop her old body or get her old life back, she just felt the need to keep driving, crying as she did so. James, meanwhile, couldn't be happier. He was in a model's hot, sexy body after spending a month in the body of that cursed cab driver. He checked his driver's license. Apparently his name was Jane and his (or should he now say 'her?') apartment was right around here...

Cursed Jobsite

None of the constuction workers on the site believed the rumors that they were building over an ancient cursed burial ground. That is, until strange things started happening. Bill broke his legs on the job, Chuck went temporarily blind for no reason, but nothing could match what happened to the foreman, Eddie. He whistled at a woman one passing by the site one day, and the next the woman showed up at the site, ready for work. Most of the other workers jaws dropped when she opened her mouth and Eddie's voice came out, "Alright, curse or no curse, we're gettin' this job done."