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Sunday, November 13, 2022

A Life Story

Ever since that one day 40 years ago, Daniel had regretted going into that weird store in the mall. Amber, his date, had wanted to avoid it, but he felt compelled and talked her into it. The old man working the register gave Daniel a small compact mirror for doing makeup, which felt odd since Daniel was a guy and didn’t wear makeup. He tried giving it back, saying he didn’t want to pay for it, but the old man insisted it was no charge and that he absolutely must take it for himself and himself alone. He shrugged.

Almost immediately after leaving, he decided to give the compact to Amber. As soon as she touched it, she frozen in place becoming a lifeless husk with a pink mist floating into the compact. Daniel panicked and touched her arm, causing a similar mist to whaff from his body to hers. His own body now went limp as he was in control of Amber now.

Every day, he kept the compact with him, hoping he’d be able to somehow give Amber her life back. Even as the years passed with Amber’s body getting wrinkles and her hair turning gray, he’d often speak to the compact, believing Amber to be inside and make a promise to find a way while living the best possible life as her she could imagine. And one day as he did this, finally the mist returned. But instead of returning to Amber’s body, it seemed to eminate up into the air, into nothing. Daniel considered it an affirmation, as if being told he had done a good job being Amber and to continue the rest of this life just as well.

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