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Sunday, November 6, 2022


I had been your typical frat bro before the Great Shift. I enjoyed beers, parties, get the picture. Just about every single one of my frat brothers and I ended up swapping with women, about half from the sorority nextdoor. As you can imagine, we were pretty devistated about it. About a month in, I considered myself luckier than the rest of them. They had all had periods and the accompanying cramps, but I seemed to have avoided it all. I assumed I was now one of those women who just them irregularly or maybe even not at all. I started putting on weight, but I assumed I was still eating as thought I had my former body and this body’s metabolism couldn’t adapt. But by the time summer rolled around, it was obvious: I had not only swapped into the body of a woman, but I had swapped into the body of a pregnant woman! The doctors said my due date is in late August, and I hope to give birth and get back to school. If my frat brothers ever found out about this, I’d probably never hear the end of it.

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