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Saturday, November 26, 2022

The Experiment Begins

Something about this seemed off, but Ted had been subject to all sorts of experimental testing for months. When the door to his cell was mysteriously unlocked one day, he decided to take the opportunity to escape. It felt like forever ago when he had been kidnapped from his home and brought to this strange lab. He had been subjected to uncomfortable probes, jabbed by large needles, and asked to perform impossible tasks. He was never able to see the faces of his captors, and right now, he didn’t care. He saw the unlocked door as a rare instance of carelessness on their part, and simply walked out.

He had no way to know (at least not yet), but the door was intentionally unlocked and this was the final test. Ted’s brain had been placed into a different body, a woman’s body, and his captors were eager to see how he would react with in a real world environment. Of course, to ensure he would escape when given the chance, they had activated a chip they had implanted his brain. He wasn’t aware of his new body yet. The chip made him feel like everything was normal. Once he had gotten a safe distance away, they would seal the lab and disable the chip. Then the observation would begin.

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