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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Into the Game (Part 2)

View Into the Game (Part 1) here.

Jenny grunted at Kevin’s response. One thing she wanted was out of this game as soon as possible. Back in the real world, she knew the guys in their D&D group had a crush on her. While she considered herself pretty average in the looks department, the fact that she played these types of games made her into a goddess amongst other players. As such, she tried to pick characters that fought againt this perception.

In hindsight, picking a smelly ol’ male orc as her character was a terrible decision. She was easily the strongest in the party, and she realized she could probably flatten Kevin into a pancake if she wanted to. She obviously wouldn’t, but it the one thing that felt good about this being stuck like this right now was knowing she could. Plus, she also tried to subvert perceptions by having her orc be a pacifist cleric, resorting to violence only when necessary. Crushing Kevin would simply be out of character. She wasn’t quite so sure about Arthur though.

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