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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Into the Game (Part 4)

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Much like Arthur, Jason had also selected a female character (a female warrior elf, to be specific). But unlike Arthur, Jason created characters he actually wished he could be. He had never told any of his friends about his secret desire to be a woman, and (truth be told) he was absolutely thrilled that he now had the body of “Xira” (the elf he had created). Seeing as how the rest of his friends seemed to be in a panic about being stuck in their characters’ bodies, he assessed that now wasn’t a good time to tell them either. It probably helped that he made his character rather stoic and logical in nature.

He added to his initial disgust, “This is no time for your lust, Devra. Even if this isn’t the master’s world, our best hope is to continue on our quest.”

“Did you just call Arthur, ‘Devra?’” Althea asked.

“I did, Jerica,” Jason replied referring to Althea by her character’s name as well.

“Stop being weird, Jason” Althea sighed.


  1. I'm loving this series. As a long time gamer, I have made characters like Jason here did more than once.

    1. Thanks. I feel like that may be a form of expression for many. :)