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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Into the Game (Part 1)

Kevin could certainly recognize the six figures that stood before him. They all looked exactly as they had described when his friends had created the characters. It was supposed to be a simple game of Dungeons and Dragons, but the group could’ve never anticipated being sucked into the game to play as the various characters.

Kevin was the obvious exception. He had been the Dungeon Master, so he had no need to create a character. While he was still sucked into the game with the others, his appearance had not changed.

“Is everyone okay?” He asked before adding.

“Do you want us to roll some dice to find out?” Arthur asked sarcastically.

“Well, aside from the obvious,” Kevin added.

“Oh, we’re just peachy,” Jenny quipped, “Can you give us any guidance?”

“We’re not in my living room anymore,” Kevin flatly stated, “I can try, but I’m not sure this even resembles the game I had planned. Also, just compared to the rest of you, well, I doubt this is a +10 cardigan or anything, but I’ll try to help as much as I can.”

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