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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Into the Game (Epilogue)

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Once arriving at the graveyard, Martin was able to succesfully cast the spell and return people to the real world. As the spellcaster, he had to stay behind. He was filled with curiosity. What would they do with his lifeless body? It certainly wasn’t dead. Would he be considered in a coma and go to the hospital? Would the group be blamed for what happened to him? He sighed.

“Hey, Old Man, you just going to stand there all day long? We’re going to need to find a new party!” A voice shouted out.

Martin turned around and smiled, “I’m glad you stayed behind with me, Xira. I think I would’ve been sad to lose all of you.”

Xira smiled back. “Truth be told, everything about this is what I’ve always dreamed of. I’ve always wanted to be a woman, first and foremost. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that. And once given that opportunity, I couldn’t give that up--even if it means fighting kobolds for the rest of my life.”

“I’ll fight by your side as long as I am able.”

“Thanks, Martin. You’re a true friend.”

“You too, Xira.”

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