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Saturday, November 12, 2022


When a young girl got lost in the woods, Benjamin joined a search party to look for her. The entire team split into groups of four to systematically search, and Benjamin was grouped with Elle, Grant, and Maddy to explore a section. They didn’t have any luck finding the girl, but they did come across a strange clearing that had an oddly magical feel to it. As they paused there to plan how best to continue the search, a demon appeared. They didn’t have time to ask about the missing girl or run away, as the demon instantly froze them all in place. He cackled as he explained what he would do to them.

“Many have come into my home,” He said, “But they never leave at the same time or the same who as they were when they arrived. You won’t remember me or this clearing. Everything will be unfamilar, and you will have no idea why.” And with those words, the group passed out.

Benjamin could no longer remember entering the forest, but he now found himself stumbling out of it. A man approached him and addressed him, “Oh, Liz, that goodness you’re okay! Your husband and I have been worried! You said you were just going to go for a quick walk, but you’ve been gone for hours.”

“Liz? Husband? I’m not--” Ben asked before looking down and seeing a feminine body beneath a sweater he now wore. He didn’t want to seem crazy. He had to pretend to be the woman he appeared to be, so he corrected himself, “Yeah, I’m sorry. Guess I just lost track of time. It’s just sort of magical in that forest.”

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