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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Thirteenth Day

Had it been two weeks already? Ryan had been so desperate all those months ago. He wanted to become a woman, and a demon gave him an opportunity. He would transform Ryan in any way his heart desired, but Ryan would have to use that form to collect a soul for the demon once every two weeks. Ryan quickly described his form; big beautiful blue eyes, long brown hair, perfect porcelain skin. He went on for about twenty minutes, and the demon complied. Ryan had become a truly stunning woman. Now it was time for Ryan to hold up his end of the deal. He would have to kill someone every two weeks in some way; stabbing, shooting, poison, or through trickery and manipulation -- getting one many to kill another. The demon assured Ryan he’d never be caught; the only consequence would be Ryan’s own guilt. If Ryan didn’t collect a soul by the thirteenth day of a cycle, the demon would issue a reminder. If he ever hit the full two weeks, the demon would take Ryan’s soul and the souls of all those he loved. Ryan thought it wouldn’t be so bad, but even after a single murder, he was wracked with guilt. He often hit the thirteenth day and was issued horrific reminders. Often the demon would create visible, painful cracks on his self-described “porcelain” skin. It was never the physical pain of the cracks that broke Ryan into compliance, but the mental one of being anything other than a beautiful woman.

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