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Thursday, November 10, 2022


“What do you mean I’m stuck like this forever?” An outaged Peter whimered with tears starting to form in his eyes, “This is Exchange Island! The swap is only supposed to last as long as my vacation! I’m flying back out tomorrow! I have a big meeting on Monday; I can’t go back looking like this!”

The guest services representative remained clam, “When you booked your trip online, you clicked the box that opted into our program that allows either party to refuse to swap back if they prefer their new body. It appears Miss Sato has elected that option.”

“What? I’m one of your wealthiest customers!”

“Actually, per the terms and conditions of the online contract, all monies, properties, accounts, loyalty points, and debt remain with the physical body. You’ve relinquished all rights to being Peter Alson. Physically and legally, you are Hina Sato now. And it’s also my regret to inform you that your card’s been declined for your dinner reservation tonight.”

“But I have a black card! It has no limit!”

“I’m sorry, Miss Sato, but I believe you’re talking about Mr. Alson’s card. That all transfered to him once he opted. I can’t allow you to use another guest’s card for your expenses.”

“I’ll sue this place out of existence.”

“Good luck. Exchange Island is a soveign country with no reciprocity or extradition.”

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