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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Halftime (Part 1)

It was halftime at the football game. Bryan knew his team was down by a touchdown, but he was sure they could make it up in the second half. Truth be told, he loved halftime. Cheerleaders would take the field and he could just watch and enjoy. As they were doing their routines, he saw more pyrotechnics than he expected. There were sparks and a weird pink smoke that seemed to extend all the way to where the players sat and also blocked his view. When it cleared all the cheerleaders had been replaced by buff guys wearing the cheerleaders’ uniforms. Bryan wasn’t sure whether to laugh or be disgusted. But then he realized the guys were his fellow teammates, and even stranger -- one of the guys was him!

Then he looked down. It was hard to tell beneath his own uniform, but something was different. The hands that stuck out of from the sides were smaller and thinner. The dainty fingers he now possessed had painted nails. He was a chick! He one was one the cheerleaders! How could he possibly continue to play football like this!? The other players and the cheerleaders were freaking out as well.


  1. Hi! Loving the captions so far Alicia, welcome back btw! Been a long time fan of yours and I sorely missed you during the virus times! I was wondering if you ever planned to use non-AI generated images in the future, or if you were sticking to AI generated only?

    1. I am using AI only images for the time being due to complaints I received in pre-virus times. While I understand AI images rub some people the wrong way, it's really the choice between AI or nothing.

      There are two main benefits:
      1) I can literally hit a button over and over again until I get something close to what's in my head for a story. It becomes a lot more "story first" in that way.
      2) I shouldn't need to delete images anymore.

  2. Sidenote: I literally created an account to welcome you back <3