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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Back into College

Jeremy nerviously paced in the parking lot waiting for his mom to get out of work. When she finally did, he walked up and handed her a baggie.

“Eat the mushroom in here,” He said, “I’ll eat the other one, and we’ll be back to normal in no time. Or at least that’s what Dirk said should happen.”

His mom seemed rather annoyed, “We still haven’t talked about how you’re buying body swapping drug mushroom drugs, but before we do this, I think we need to talk about something else.”

“Jees, come on, Mom! I don’t think you want to be stuck in my body any longer than I want to be in yours! So just take it; we’ll talk after.”

“No, young man, we’ll talk now. Word gets around, and I’ve heard what you’ve been doing as me.”

“Come on, you said have fun. It was one guy in a bar one time. I was curious!”



ine. It was Mr. Nelson, the dean. But look at you, I mean me. I work at a Burger Shack! He promised to get you, I mean me, back into college if I, I mean, you, your body, slept with him.”

Jeremy’s mom placed the baggie into her pocket. “In that case,” She said, “Your punishment is that I will be taking your classes for you until you graduate!”

“But that’s two more years!”

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