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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Halftime (Part 2)

View Part 1 here.

Stephanie coughed when the pink smoke puffed out from behind the cheerleaders. She thought she was going to die, but then suddenly felt stranger -- though much less flexible. Just about everything felt wrong, and when she looked down to see two very manly pecs in place of her own feminine chest, she screamed. Her voice was deeper than she expected, which only made her want to scream again. She looked over to the players to see her own body sitting there in Bryan’s uniform. She looked down at her new muscles again. They certainly looked like his! She had spent plenty of time admiring his body from afar, and now she was going to be able to examine it in a way that was closer than any woman should ever be able to! She was Bryan! And he was her! Chaos ensued for the rest of halftime, but the officials (who were unswapped) insisted the game go on. It was decided the cheerleaders with the players bodies would be the ones to take the field. Stephanie was nervous. She didn’t know anything about how to actually play football, and she was also very worried that she was going to get hurt!

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