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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Exclusive Interview

I had been granted an exclusive interview with Madison Lowery; it was a thrilling opportunity. It was hard to recall the last time a celebrity got famous so quickly, being booked on countless shows, movies, and fashion shoots in such a short time. I had to know her secret, so I asked.

“It was a genie,” She laughed.

“No, seriously,” I protested.

“For real. Six months ago, I was actually a guy down on his luck, and I mean a guy, a dude, a male. I came across a genie. I wished to be attractive. I should’ve been more careful, as I had hoped to be an attractive guy; instead he gave me the body you know see. Then I wished for fame that brought me great wealth. It’s non-stop work, but at least I have this wonderous estate.”

“This all sounds far-fetched.”

She took me to get backyard that had an absolutely enourmous animal. “It’s the finest of its kind with a coat that is naturally manicured perfectly. It’s larger than you’d find anywhere else, no matter where you looked. It exists because it’s magic.”

“But why would this be your third wish?”

“Another case of needing to be more careful. Do you really think I wished for the world’s largest and most beautiful donkey?” She asked.

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