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Monday, November 28, 2022

Fifth Floor

It was the fifth time today that Eric had sludged down to the basement apartment in the building where he lived. “Did you fix the damn thing yet?” Eric grunted at the petite blond woman feverishly working over a pile of circuits and wires.

“You’ll be the first to know, and I’m sorry again! So sorry!”

Eric scowled. Inside that woman’s body was the crazy old man who caused all this three days ago. He had tested some weird invention that swapped the bodies of everyone in the building. The old man lucked out by swapping with Carol, who lived on the third floor and worked as a marketer. Eric wished he would’ve swapped with her, or maybe with Brad, a guy who was a trainer at the gym and lived on six.

But, no, he swapped with Mrs. Neuman, who live on the fifth floor. She was two decades older than he had been (in her 40s) and overweight. It felt really different to move in a body like this, and he had been stuck like this for three days! He was getting pretty impatient with that old guy in the basement. He didn’t want to stay like this a minute longer!

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