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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

At the Gym (Part 1)

As Chad got ready in the locker room at the gym for a quick swim and a workout, he noticed a necklace with a pendant on the floor. It looked cheap, but he figured he should turn it into lost and found. He was somewhat baffled by how a woman’s necklace ended up in the men’s locker room, but he shrugged it off.

He had it in his hand as he went down the pool where he saw his friend, Kelly. They did a quick hug and he inadvertantly touched the necklace to her shoulder. After a few moments of chatting to catch up, they began to notice something was wrong. Chad was becoming more feminine and Kelly was masculine. As his chest began to expand, Kelly removed her sportsbra and loaned it to Chad. When the transformation was done, each realized they now looked like the other. Chad put the pendant he was holding around his neck, as they tried to figure out how they had essentially swapped bodies.

They couldn’t figure it out. Instead, they just gave each other brief instructions about how to live as the other person. Kelly told Chad about where she lived, a few details on being a woman, and explicit instructions to keep her body fit. Chad shared similar instructions with Kelly. They both hoped they somehow magically swap back, maybe while they slept. When Chad left the gym, he dropped the necklace in the lost and found, not realizing it was, in fact, the famed Medallion of Zulu and responsible for the swap.

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