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Monday, November 14, 2022

On the Inside

I had been struggling quite a bit since the Great Shift struck. I was attending classes at the local college when it happened, and I suddenly went from being a 20-year-old guy to being inside one of the teachers, an almost 40-year-old woman. Just about everything about adapting to my new body made me miserable. I wore her professional skirt suits and high heels. I put on her makeup each day. I even tried going on dates with men because I was told my supposed “biological clock” was ticking. Trying to be that woman I was on the outside was difficult.

Then I was visiting home and saw my sister Tabitha. She was now in the body of one of our neighbors, a man in his late 20s. She didn’t put up any sort of fascade about it. She still acted like the little girl she was. When it was time for her dance recital, she still wore a girl’s tutu.

I began to rethink my strategy. I was no longer going to act like the body I had, but instead be the person I am. I started to wear a lot more baggy sweats and hoodies. Yeah, I still had to wear a bra under it, but nothing stopped me from putting on boxer shorts. I spent my free time playing video games. I even started dating women again. It was ultimately much easier to be who I felt on the inside than who I appeared as on the outside. And I had my little sister to thank for getting me to believe that.

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