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Monday, November 7, 2022

Everybody Change

Author's Note: I am working on an upcoming series that REALLY made me reflect on elections. For those in the US, today is election day. I encourage you all to vote for candidates that support LGBTQIA2S+ people. There are many politicians out there who will make the world a worse place, particularly for the trans community; and I fear many of these people could get elected today. Do your part. Vote. Vote for the people who are most likely better to make the world better for trans people. Vote for people that support women's choices. Vote.

William had just graduated law school and got a job as a junior lawyer at a law firm. He was finally able to move out of his parents’ house and get an apartment down by the court house. The other people in the building explained that the community was very close, and William looked forward to getting to know people. His job left him with very little time to do so however. In fact, his first time to breathe had to spent going to the local laundromat.

Shortly after he put his clothes into the dryer, a weird homeless man came in shouting, “Everybody change clothes! Everybody change!”

William looked a little scared, but a neighbor told him that he would get used to it. The man left shortly after with no incident, and William finished drying his clothes. But as he pulled it out, his clothes were gone! Instead, a woman’s set of clothing was inside.

The same neighbor came over again and explained, “It happens everytime that man comes in. You’ll switch bodies with someone in the neighborhood. Looks like you’re Maria de la Cruz right now. Like I said, you get used to it.”

“New body?” William hadn’t even noticed but when he looked down it was clear, “”

“No one knows how he does it. Someone probably mentioned when you moved in that we are a close community.Now you know why.”


  1. Hey I get it. But I don't know if this is really the forum for politics pushing.

  2. Under most normal circumstances, you'd be right. However, I hope it is pretty obvious that this site is clearly aligned with marginalized groups in the LGBTQ+ space.

    And while I might normally let politics slide, it is also quite unfortunate that the trans community has come under increasing attack over the past year or so from one side of the political spectrum. I can't stay completely silent on that. I can't be neutral on the attacks on people's basic humanities.

    Further, it goes further, because in recent Supreme Court rulings that have decimated women's rights (again, I hope it's obvious that the themes on this site clearly align with human rights and women's rights), the threat to the lesbian and gay community was spelled out in chilling terms.

    Being silent on politics might be a nice privilege, but it's not one I feel that I enjoy at this time.

    1. Oooooookay. Being alarmist and doomsday about it and trying to lay out political leanings and influence people on what's essentially a fetish blog is definitely a choice. Trust me. It'll be alright.

    2. I will say that one of the reasons I picked this blog back up was to deal with my own emotions surrounding what I have seen as sheer hostility from politicians towards trans people in the past year. I'm less expecting to influence people than just to express myself.

      I'd much rather signal that I stand with people grappling in any aspect with gender identity than stay silent as people elect politicians hostile to those people.