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Friday, November 11, 2022

First Test

Author's Note: I have brought back Alicia's Archive of old captions that ran on here a while ago. I'm going through and "remastering" these old captions, so that they should be able to stay up without having to be taken down for any reason later. It might mean there are periods when it doesn't get updated, because it's not just dumping old images up there, but enjoy for now!

Dr. Carl Marlowe worked closely with his colleague Dr. Emily Wong for several years now. When she invited him to help her test an experiment, he was eager to join. She gave instruction to put on goggles followed by a large mental helmet. He didn’t even ask what it all did. He was sure it would be as fascinating as some of her previous work, and sure enough, it was!

After she hit adjusted read off a few readings on her laptop and typed in a few adjustments, she then pulled a large switch on the wall.

Carl was surprised to find himself looking at...himself. He soon realized he was in control of Emily’s body. He took a deep breath, he wiggled her fingers, he blinked his eyes. He finally spoke, “Neural transferance? Astounding! Are the helmets amplifying our electrical impulses across the room to the other body? Do we swap back if we remove them?”

“Swap back?” Emily asked, “Oh, my! I am nowhere near that level in my research. It will be at least a few more months before I am ready to run that test! You can take off the helmet. I’ll call again when I’m ready.”

“But I’ your body!”

“And I’m in yours. It’ll all be fixed in a few months. Don’t worry.”

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