Saturday, November 12, 2022


When a young girl got lost in the woods, Benjamin joined a search party to look for her. The entire team split into groups of four to systematically search, and Benjamin was grouped with Elle, Grant, and Maddy to explore a section. They didn’t have any luck finding the girl, but they did come across a strange clearing that had an oddly magical feel to it. As they paused there to plan how best to continue the search, a demon appeared. They didn’t have time to ask about the missing girl or run away, as the demon instantly froze them all in place. He cackled as he explained what he would do to them.

“Many have come into my home,” He said, “But they never leave at the same time or the same who as they were when they arrived. You won’t remember me or this clearing. Everything will be unfamilar, and you will have no idea why.” And with those words, the group passed out.

Benjamin could no longer remember entering the forest, but he now found himself stumbling out of it. A man approached him and addressed him, “Oh, Liz, that goodness you’re okay! Your husband and I have been worried! You said you were just going to go for a quick walk, but you’ve been gone for hours.”

“Liz? Husband? I’m not--” Ben asked before looking down and seeing a feminine body beneath a sweater he now wore. He didn’t want to seem crazy. He had to pretend to be the woman he appeared to be, so he corrected himself, “Yeah, I’m sorry. Guess I just lost track of time. It’s just sort of magical in that forest.”

Friday, November 11, 2022

First Test

Author's Note: I have brought back Alicia's Archive of old captions that ran on here a while ago. I'm going through and "remastering" these old captions, so that they should be able to stay up without having to be taken down for any reason later. It might mean there are periods when it doesn't get updated, because it's not just dumping old images up there, but enjoy for now!

Dr. Carl Marlowe worked closely with his colleague Dr. Emily Wong for several years now. When she invited him to help her test an experiment, he was eager to join. She gave instruction to put on goggles followed by a large mental helmet. He didn’t even ask what it all did. He was sure it would be as fascinating as some of her previous work, and sure enough, it was!

After she hit adjusted read off a few readings on her laptop and typed in a few adjustments, she then pulled a large switch on the wall.

Carl was surprised to find himself looking at...himself. He soon realized he was in control of Emily’s body. He took a deep breath, he wiggled her fingers, he blinked his eyes. He finally spoke, “Neural transferance? Astounding! Are the helmets amplifying our electrical impulses across the room to the other body? Do we swap back if we remove them?”

“Swap back?” Emily asked, “Oh, my! I am nowhere near that level in my research. It will be at least a few more months before I am ready to run that test! You can take off the helmet. I’ll call again when I’m ready.”

“But I’ your body!”

“And I’m in yours. It’ll all be fixed in a few months. Don’t worry.”

Thursday, November 10, 2022


“What do you mean I’m stuck like this forever?” An outaged Peter whimered with tears starting to form in his eyes, “This is Exchange Island! The swap is only supposed to last as long as my vacation! I’m flying back out tomorrow! I have a big meeting on Monday; I can’t go back looking like this!”

The guest services representative remained clam, “When you booked your trip online, you clicked the box that opted into our program that allows either party to refuse to swap back if they prefer their new body. It appears Miss Sato has elected that option.”

“What? I’m one of your wealthiest customers!”

“Actually, per the terms and conditions of the online contract, all monies, properties, accounts, loyalty points, and debt remain with the physical body. You’ve relinquished all rights to being Peter Alson. Physically and legally, you are Hina Sato now. And it’s also my regret to inform you that your card’s been declined for your dinner reservation tonight.”

“But I have a black card! It has no limit!”

“I’m sorry, Miss Sato, but I believe you’re talking about Mr. Alson’s card. That all transfered to him once he opted. I can’t allow you to use another guest’s card for your expenses.”

“I’ll sue this place out of existence.”

“Good luck. Exchange Island is a soveign country with no reciprocity or extradition.”

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

At the Gym (Part 1)

As Chad got ready in the locker room at the gym for a quick swim and a workout, he noticed a necklace with a pendant on the floor. It looked cheap, but he figured he should turn it into lost and found. He was somewhat baffled by how a woman’s necklace ended up in the men’s locker room, but he shrugged it off.

He had it in his hand as he went down the pool where he saw his friend, Kelly. They did a quick hug and he inadvertantly touched the necklace to her shoulder. After a few moments of chatting to catch up, they began to notice something was wrong. Chad was becoming more feminine and Kelly was masculine. As his chest began to expand, Kelly removed her sportsbra and loaned it to Chad. When the transformation was done, each realized they now looked like the other. Chad put the pendant he was holding around his neck, as they tried to figure out how they had essentially swapped bodies.

They couldn’t figure it out. Instead, they just gave each other brief instructions about how to live as the other person. Kelly told Chad about where she lived, a few details on being a woman, and explicit instructions to keep her body fit. Chad shared similar instructions with Kelly. They both hoped they somehow magically swap back, maybe while they slept. When Chad left the gym, he dropped the necklace in the lost and found, not realizing it was, in fact, the famed Medallion of Zulu and responsible for the swap.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Dainty Knight

Batman was on high alert. Sneaking into Joker’s lair seemed almost too easy. The henchmen didn’t put up much of a fight and there were few, easily dispatched, traps. Before long, he was face-to-face with the clown prince, demanding to know where the Commissioner was. The Joker just laughed as he blew a small amount of powder in Batman’s face.

Batman expected this trick and quickly injected himself with an anti-toxin to counteract Joker gas. The Joker laughed even harder.

“Exactly as a I planned!” The Joker cackled, “That wasn’t my typical toxin at all! This’ll be even funnier!”

Within moments, Batman’s body shifted in pain. His entire body re-arranged, turning into that of a woman.

“Don’t think this is going to stop me from taking you down, Joker,” Batman grumbled.

“I look forward to it, Dainty Knight...”

Monday, November 7, 2022

Everybody Change

Author's Note: I am working on an upcoming series that REALLY made me reflect on elections. For those in the US, today is election day. I encourage you all to vote for candidates that support LGBTQIA2S+ people. There are many politicians out there who will make the world a worse place, particularly for the trans community; and I fear many of these people could get elected today. Do your part. Vote. Vote for the people who are most likely better to make the world better for trans people. Vote for people that support women's choices. Vote.

William had just graduated law school and got a job as a junior lawyer at a law firm. He was finally able to move out of his parents’ house and get an apartment down by the court house. The other people in the building explained that the community was very close, and William looked forward to getting to know people. His job left him with very little time to do so however. In fact, his first time to breathe had to spent going to the local laundromat.

Shortly after he put his clothes into the dryer, a weird homeless man came in shouting, “Everybody change clothes! Everybody change!”

William looked a little scared, but a neighbor told him that he would get used to it. The man left shortly after with no incident, and William finished drying his clothes. But as he pulled it out, his clothes were gone! Instead, a woman’s set of clothing was inside.

The same neighbor came over again and explained, “It happens everytime that man comes in. You’ll switch bodies with someone in the neighborhood. Looks like you’re Maria de la Cruz right now. Like I said, you get used to it.”

“New body?” William hadn’t even noticed but when he looked down it was clear, “”

“No one knows how he does it. Someone probably mentioned when you moved in that we are a close community.Now you know why.”

Sunday, November 6, 2022


I had been your typical frat bro before the Great Shift. I enjoyed beers, parties, get the picture. Just about every single one of my frat brothers and I ended up swapping with women, about half from the sorority nextdoor. As you can imagine, we were pretty devistated about it. About a month in, I considered myself luckier than the rest of them. They had all had periods and the accompanying cramps, but I seemed to have avoided it all. I assumed I was now one of those women who just them irregularly or maybe even not at all. I started putting on weight, but I assumed I was still eating as thought I had my former body and this body’s metabolism couldn’t adapt. But by the time summer rolled around, it was obvious: I had not only swapped into the body of a woman, but I had swapped into the body of a pregnant woman! The doctors said my due date is in late August, and I hope to give birth and get back to school. If my frat brothers ever found out about this, I’d probably never hear the end of it.