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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Too Much Power

Zach was indeed proud of his new invention, a bodyswapping machine. He asked his wife to try it out with him, and it was an instant success. The two swapped bodies, but the machine started sparking. Zach made a few tweaks to the invention before the switch back. A few screw twists and knob turns later and they were ready to go back to being themselves. However, this time when they turned the machine on, more sparks flew, and it blew out the power on the entire block. When Zach came to, he was in the body of their attractive neighbor, a Swiss model, who was on her way to a fancy party. His wife was in the body of a young neighborhood boy, who the other children often referred to as a bully. It seemed like everyone on the block was now someone else, and the finger was pointed straight at Zach to fix the mess. Unfortunately, the power surge had destroyed several circuits. Zach grabbed a wrench and proceeded to try and make the fixes as fast as possible as a very impatient crowd looked on. The model insisted that if things weren't corrected in the next hour, he would have to go to the party in his place. Of course, she didn't seem all too threatening from the body of a 70 year old man.

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