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Monday, March 2, 2009

Zoo Madness

Nick lurched as Karen tugged on the leash connecting the two. He had no idea how strong she would be now that she was in the body of a lioness, or how weak he would be now that he was in her body. Earlier the two had gone to the zoo where a grown man was acting like a child playing with a weird device. As they found out first hand, the device could swap the brains of two people...or apparently animals. After several swaps every which way into various animals and people, Nick ended up in his girlfriend Karen's body while she ended up in the body of a female lion. The man had run away, and Nick wasn't about to let his girlfriend get locked up overnight in a cage, so he snuck her out. The two have been in search of the man ever since. Karen's newly acute senses had picked up on his scent, and she began to pull Nick suddenly. He nearly fell over but hoped the madness would be over soon. That is, of course, if they could even find Nick's body!

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