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Monday, March 2, 2009

Chemical Reaction

This was quite the situation that Dr. White had gotten himself into. While working in the lab, he discovered a chemical compound that somehow merged his body with his Anne, his lab assistant. After a quick analyzation of his DNA, he determined he was now an equal mix of the two people, as if they had a female child. What had him worried was that many of his memories felt like a mix of his own and Anne's as well, and that he was slowly losing about half of his own memories. He had to work fast as he had no idea if he would lose memories of the chemical compound that caused the incident. Anne was a smart woman, but she was only an assistant. Her own memories were simply years behind his own. He made a few attempts to separate himself from Anne; they were unsuccessful. Dr. White no longer could no longer tell what parts of his mind were his own and which were Anne's. He sighed as even his old first name slipped away. He was now Dr. Anne White.

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