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Friday, July 26, 2013

Detention (Part 3)

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TG Caption
Luke struggled through teaching. He was sure his awkward way was alone enough to get Miss Chang fired. He pointed on the smart and popular kids simply so he could tell them they were wrong. He forced his slacker friends to participate as well, mainly just to praise them no matter what dumb thing came out of their mouth. He was sure this was a recipe for failure.

He was taken aback upon realizing the school principal had come in to observe at some point during class. He hadn’t even noticed, but this was perfect! The principal asked for a quick word after class, and Luke was sure his plan had worked!


  1. Inhabiting a smoking hot body like that, I doubt he cares what happens in school, lol. I know I wouldn't.

  2. LOL! great continuation. I wonder if 1 - he may have saved her job by showing that Miss Chang can relate tothe students nd can engage the class, & 2 he may not be gettinghis body & life back

  3. Great CAP - I agree, I think he probably impressed the principle and gets her a raise. I also wonder where "Luke" is today? Skipping school? I wonder what mischief Ms. Chang is up to in his body! LOL