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Friday, July 26, 2013

Like ever

TG Body Swap Hostile Takeover
Miranda was speechless. The day that Craig had stolen her body had been the worst. She had felt his spirit push at hers. At first, she tried to fight it, but she was clearly the weaker force. She was pushed out of her own body, and with nowhere else to go, she possessed his body. She would visit from time to time, mostly to beg for her body back. Craig never gave in. Today when she arrived, Miranda found Craig on the balcony. He made an embarrassing face to blow her a kiss. She couldn’t help but notice what he was wearing.

“Do you have to humiliate my body with clothes like that? My reputation will be ruined by the time I get my body back from you.” She told him.

“Don’t you get it by now?” He replied, “You are never getting your body back. Like ever! You need to stop worrying about how I choose to dress MY body, and start getting over this fantasy that this is in any way your body anymore.”

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