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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The gym (Part 3)

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The gym TG Caption Part 3
Tammi’s job at the gym was simple. She was there to look good. She pretended to be working out, but generally only did  rather non-exerting things. The idea was that women felt with enough work they could be like her, and the men would come to the gym just to look at her. Now that Barney was the one in her body, that job was his...if he wanted it. For the pay and the effort, Barney couldn’t see a reason not to take it. It sure beat his old job as an accountant. Plus, with his math skills, he figured he could invest his money properly and be able to retire in ten years or so. It seemed like a good plan.


  1. Bet he LOVES the Role Excanger now :) I know I would if it gave me a body like that :)

  2. I don't see a down side for Barney - hot body, easy job, well educated, and setting up a ten year plan leading to early retirement.