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Friday, July 12, 2013

The barn (Part 1)

Body Switcher
James had been pretty pissed when his parents decided to move halfway through his senior year. He went from being a popular kid in the city to having no friends in the middle of nowhere. But after school one day, he discovered a strange device in the barn behind his house. It seemed to come from the future. It was no wonder neither of his parents had found it -- they never ventured into the barn. A oddly conspicuous manual by the machine labeled it as a body switcher. He laughed. If only he knew anyone in this back woods town to test it out with!

He had almost forgotten about the machine until a woman arrived at his house a few days later. When he answered the door, she had a look of glee in her eyes. She asked if he knew about what was in the barn. He nodded. She questioned if he tried it out yet. He said no. She smiled and offered to use it with him. Soon enough, the two were in the barn powering up the machine. After a few buttons were pressed and a flash of light, James found himself in the woman’s body. He was in shock that it actually worked, but within a few minutes, he asked to switch back. She paused. She begged him just to let her keep it for a little while, about an hour, maybe two. He didn’t trust her, but he agreed. He watched as his own body skipped out of the barn. James decided he would just wait out the two hours in the barn.


  1. Ha! This doesn't sound like it's going to end well for James! LOL


  2. Very good start! I don't see a happy ending for James - but who knows? I hope he now doesn't have aviolent husbando r something?