Tuesday, July 9, 2013


TG Possession
“I know you can hear me, Rebecca.” Robert said aloud, “You look fantastic tonight, though I bet you won’t feel so great in the morning. When I asked you to prom you could’ve just said ‘no,’ but instead you made a decision to humiliate me. You laughed in my face, you called me a loser, and you made sure to have the entire popular crowd mock me for months. Well, I bet you didn’t expect me to know how to possess people -- most never suspect that, of course -- and I figured prom night would be the perfect night to possess you and enact some revenge. You’ll be my passenger for the night; you’ll be able to see and head every single thing I do to your body, but you won’t have any ability to influence my choices. Believe me, you’ll want to. You’ll be so sad when I ruin this dress and expose your breasts to everyone in the process. You’ll be even sader when I seduce and sleep with that geek Norman. It will be all anyone will talk about for the rest of the year.”


  1. Ooohhh, nasty, and they say to watch out for a "woman scorned" I think the moral here is you'd better watch out for nerd with a possession spell! LOL


  2. Great story & use of pic. I wonder if changes his mind & steals her body & Loife?