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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Improbable (Part 3)

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Jason felt a litle awkward introducing himself to the woman he just swapped bodies with. They were both calm about the whole thing and decided to take a walk to chat about what they were going to do now. Jason hadn’t thought about it yet, but he realized she had a point -- they couldn’t exactly continue to live their lives as who they actually were; they’d have to live as who they appeared to be! He took a deep breath as he prepared himself to hear what sort of life he was thrust in to. Strangely, their lives couldn’t have been more similar. They both worked as graphic designers for entertainment companies. They were both single. They even had the same birthday -- though Jason was two years older. Jason wondered if there was an aspect of fate in this whole thing.


  1. Verry good storhy. I like that they're not hysteerical but calm trying to decide what to do. Intertsing that they are so similar.

  2. Very sweet conclusion. I wonder if they'll start dating? LOL