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Monday, July 29, 2013

7 days (Part 8)

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TG Caption body switcher bodyswap
Dwight began to get upset at the line of questioning. They were telling him to feel his memories? Were these eggheads suggesting that just because he was beautiful now that he was unfeeling or something?

They could see him starting to get upset about the subject and tried to reword it. They were asking him to not just recall a memory about how he felt but actually feel it once more. In this case, he had a memory concerning feeling giddy about science. Could he actually build up his excitement once more?

He tried, but he explained that science was just so boring! They asked if he could ever recall science feeling boring back in his own body. He replied that he only used to think it was boring when it was at a level too simple for him. And then Dwight felt it for a moment, his interest in science, but it quickly faded and he begged to start talking about things like hair and clothes.


  1. wickedly funny. Not only the body but her brain & mind. I wonder if she is going through the same thing? OR if after 7 days they will be so much like the other will will refuse of swap back? PLS continue

  2. I really like how his mind is being affected by his new female body! LOL