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Monday, July 8, 2013

Run down (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
...And just like that, Rodney was now in Sheila’s body. He was hating this already, but what other choice did he have? His father had threatened to cut him off from the family fortune after he called his stepmom a bitch. Understanding a woman’s perspective for a month was the only way to convince his dad not to take his trust fund away. It was all his stepmom’s idea. Rodney sighed. He’d rather suffer with being a woman for a month than suffer without his trust fund for the rest of his life! He had only had a woman’s body for a few minutes, but he already couldn’t wait for this month to be over!


  1. I would LOVE a body like this :D Great second part!

  2. LOL! I wonder what the stepmom is uptoo. Original story. PLS continue. I wonder does she live with his family for the month?

  3. I just saw this and had to go back and look at the first one, brilliant story! Love it! LOL

    Hhhhmmmm, . . . I wonder if the step mom will find the bodyswaper now in Rodney's body and pay her to pretend to be Rodney and keep the body?