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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


TG Body swap
Louie knew he had to work quickly to fix his invention. His girlfriend was upstairs, and she was pissed. He could certainly understand why though! He had asked her to help his test his latest invention, a simple device that could directly exchange a thought between two people. Ideas wouldn’t be lost to the awkward clumsiness of verbal exchanges, true genius could be passed down before death. Of course, he couldn’t have excepted the power surge that resulted in the entirety of both their brains downloaded into the machine and switched into the other’s body. Danielle was so pissed when she realized she was now in Louie’s body. Louie was dismayed to see a number of fried circuits and melted metal. It would take him some time to fix it all, but his girlfriend insisted he get started as soon as possible. As he worked with various tools to repair the broken parts, he worked up quite a sweat. It was so strange to feel a few beads drop between his breasts and even odder to feel the glands under his breasts start to pool up. He wondered how Danielle was able to deal with these things hanging from her chest all the time! He was beginning to get as anxious to get back to his own body as Danielle was to get back to hers.


  1. Nice one! But I believe I would like to stay right there in the body if I was Louie! Great cap and hot pic!!!

  2. Very hot CAP! I'm surprised his curious mind doesn't want to do a little self exploration in the name of science! LOL


  3. LOL! very good story & super use of pic. I think they both should take a break & 'Talk' things over.