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Friday, July 5, 2013

Prankster (Part 1)

Roy would always show up at the pool first thing in the morning. It was often a little chilly out still, even in the summer, but he was sure to get a few laps in before anyone else even showed up. Like many other days, he was alone there this one morning, but it would soon become a day quite unlike any other. As soon as he arrived, he heard a noise. He wondered if he wasn’t alone, yet when he went over to where the noise had come from, there was nothing. After he heard it again, he turned to look back. Again, there seemed to be nothing there, but he could swear that he had heard it. And this time he was sure that he could identify the sound as giggling. He couldn’t think of anything funny he had least not today. It wasn’t until he was about to change that he noticed anything amiss. He was about to lift his shirt off and head into a locker room when he noticed how thin he arms were. He noticed how different his stomach looked. Two small breasts pushed the front of his shirt out. Under his clothes, he had a woman’s body. He had been transformed into a woman! He began to think back to the giggles. Were they laughing at him somehow becoming a woman? Or was the person laughing the one responsible for his body’s drastic change? Investigating the spot where he heard the noises earlier still turned up nothing. What the heck was going on here?

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