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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coma (Part 7)

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TG Caption model body swap
It had been a few years since Charlie started his own company. Modeling had paid for the initial investment, but his science experiments soon started paying the bills. He'd given up modeling once he no longer needed the money and focused on science. Today, he’d be heading to one division working on a top secret project. His own experience had been the inspiration for researching body swapping technology. He wondered why his previous employer had never gone public with their discoveries. His legal team had checked, no patents had been filed -- they’d be submitting their own shortly. Charlie had thought about using the invention to get back being a man, but he had gotten used to being female; he even dressed more feminine by choice these days. His experience did make him realize there was a market for body swapping though, one filled with people who just felt like they lived in the wrong body and others who just might want a temporary escape.

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