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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sabotage (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
TG Body Swap
Dominic was still in shock from being in Mei’s body. She had just been fired and escorted to the lobby when the swap happened. He could see security looking uncomfortably in his direction, ready to escort him out of the building if he didn’t leave soon. But Dominic was still very concerned with the new sensations of Mei’s body that he was only somewhat aware of the guards. He couldn’t believe how uncomfortable women’s clothes were -- particularly the business attire Mei had been wearing today. He could feel her bra straps digging into him. He bun had been pulled back so tight that it felt like his hair was being pulled from his head. And her glasses were pinching his nose. He took them off for a bit of reprieve. The guards inched closer, and Dominic finally acknowledged them, assuring he would just be one more minute, and then he’d leave quietly.


  1. Great story! :) But she's crazy for giving up that cute little body in my opinion :)

  2. Too funny, both of them are bad people and deserve what happened. I wonder if now that Dominic has been fired if she'll start dating Mei? They'd make a great power couple! LOL