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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Zen (Part 8)

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TG Body Swap
The class had finished and Nick and Moon still hadn’t swapped back to their rightful bodies. But unlike when they first swapped, it now seemed that Moon was the one stressed about the swap while Nick was eerily calm. Nick was convinced he could do Moon’s yoga instructor job until they swapped back. Moon was less convinced she could handle Nick’s job as a stockbroker. He offered her advice, but he soon realized how flighty it sounded. He was sue he not only got Moon’s body out of the swap, but likely a large chunk of her personality. That meant Moon had a large portion of his, which should be more than enough to handle his job. Explaining this to her still did not offer enough comfort.


  1. LOL! good story! I wonder what happens next. I like the more thanbody aspects of the swap. Looking forward to more, I womder if the new Nick is attracked to 'Moon'?

  2. Wow! I love this series. I like how you'be slowly transformed their minds to fit their new bodies! Now Moon is the stressed out stockbroker while Nick is the calm relaxed yoga instructor! LOL