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Monday, July 29, 2013


Scientists had created body swapping technology at about the same time they perfected cloning. With these two innovations together, an entire new industry sprung up. People would go to the store and buy “shell bodies.” These bodies were physically ideal yet essentially brainless. Then they’d go to a body swappery and have their brain placed in the new shell and either storing their own body or often just selling it. Shell bodies were in high demand, and stores often sold out within minutes of a new shipment. Alexa had thought she had lucked out when she saw her dream body in a cart at the store. It was posed in a typically silly way to make it seem lifelike. She was surprised that someone had just left it there. It was the body she wanted. Skinnier, blond, and just more glamorous. Her current body wasn’t bad, but she had the spare money and she wanted better! As she started to grab the cart, a man came along and grabbed the other side.

“This is my new body!” He shouted.

Alexa nearly laughed. She had heard about some girlie guys buying women shells, but this dude seemed like...well...a dude. Why would he ever want to be a woman!? Why couldn’t he just let her have it!

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