Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grade book

TG Transformation
Neil was in danger of failing math this semester. It wasn’t that he was bad at it, the classes just bored him. He thought Mrs. Wei was a pretty terrible teacher. Fortunately, staring at her attractive body was a great way to make it through class.

With only one test left, Neil knew there was no way he could pass even if he aced the final; he needed a different plan. With a bit of magic, he transformed himself into an exact copy of Mrs. Wei and went to her house. None of the neighbors would report what seemed to be someone going into their own home. After a few hours of searching, he found her grade book and altered some of his scores slightly higher -- nothing too suspicious.

As he tucked the grade book away and got ready to go, outside the window he saw a car pulling into the driveway. Mrs. Wei’s husband was home. He thought about diving out the window, but he was too big to fit. He thought about hiding, but how would he explain what he was doing if found? Ultimately, he picked just posing at who he appeared to be and finding an excuse to leave the house -- like groceries or the drug store. He hoped he could fake it for long enough to escape. He didn’t even know Mr. Wei’s first name!


  1. WOW! great stories. I see plenty of possibities including her being trurned into him. LOL & witty

  2. Very good start to a story! I wonder what happens next? A little hanky-panky? Or does the real Mrs. Wei show up? Hhhmmmm so many possibilities!