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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Loss for words (Part 2)

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Garrett did not appreciate being a test subject, but as the doctor spoke more, he developed a bit of sympathy for the old man. The body Garrett now had once belonged to the man’s daughter. She had a terrible disease that ate away at her mind while keeping her body in tact. Even though he knew Garrett wouldn’t be the same as his daughter, he was just happy to see her body able to move, walk, and talk again. The story was sad enough that it convinced Garrett to stay for a few days, but before he did he had a question: why him!? The old man explained. Garrett certainly wasn’t the first person he captured, but he was the first one he captured where he found a significant, previously undetected genetic defect -- one that would’ve crippled his muscles in about ten years. It was a little suspicious. Garrett had never seen a single doctor that told him anything like that. When the old man brought him to a rest in a place that seemed more like a dungeon than a bedroom, his suspicion grew.

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  1. WOW, very powerful and sinister story! Please continue!