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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Rufus showed up to the race track only to discover the tickets he had bought from an online scalper were fake. As he made his way back to the parking lot, a man approached him claiming to be the owner of one of the racing teams. The man had overheard Rufus and wondered if the two could help each other out. One of the members of the pit crew was out sick, and he could really use a fill-in. Rufus had to confess that while he loved cars, he didn’t understand too much about the mechanics. The man said that didn’t matter much; it was just about having the extra body in the pit. Rufus agreed; he was going to get closer to the action than any other fan!

The man took Rufus to an area of the track to get prepared for the race and fitted for his uniform. The man left and a door slammed shut. That’s when the machine started its work. It first sucked off all his clothes, leaving him feeling quite naked and humiliated. Then it attached breastforms to his chest and glued a wig on his head. Rufus started cursing. What the hell was going on here!? But a spray then came out of the wall and the machine was now able to mold his body as if it was clay. It soon shaped his form, he was no longer looked like an awkward guy with a wig and breastforms; now he looked like a shapely woman. The final piece of molding was quite painful, a long finger-like object pushed his penis inside his body to reform it into a vagina. He screamed in pain as it happened, and his voice’s pitch slowly raised as he did. Finally, new clothes were forced onto his body. First came thong panties. Then the skirt with one of the advertisers logo on it along with a matching skimpy top. The machine then adjusted the thong by pulled the sides above the skirt, giving Rufus a massive wedgie as it did. His feet were then lifted off the ground and tall heels placed on his feet.

He started cursing louder, but he hardly sounded threatening with a sweet, feminine voice he now had.
An injection was shot into his arm. He yelled some more. However, a voice told him to quiet down, and he immediately complied. He couldn’t seem to resist any command spoken to him. The man returned to the room and told Rufus to escort him to the track, which he did without objection. The final words spoken to him before everything started were to stand around and look pretty for the duration of the race. Despite being terrified on the inside, all Rufus could do was stand around and smile as he thought about what could possibly happen to him after this race was over. He only hoped nothing would happened to him to make this situation any worse!

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