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Thursday, July 11, 2013


TG Great Shift
Captain Roland Washington breathed a sigh of relief as his plane touched down on the runway. It had easily been the most stressful flight he had ever been on. They were thirty thousand feet in the air when The Great Shift struck, swapping the bodies of just about every single person on the plane (and on the ground as well). Luckily, the plane had been on auto-pilot when it happened. He found himself back in couch inside the body of a housewife on her way home from vacation with her husband. The husband hadn’t swapped and was confused as to why everyone was freaking out. Roland made his way to the front of the cabin as quickly as possible. He was once again fortunate when whoever was in his body unlocked the cockpit, giving Roland the chance to get up there. His co-pilot seemed nowhere to be found. With all the body swapping chaos, Roland looked for an airstrip, but everyone over the radio seemed no help at all. He took a chance by bringing her down in the closest possible runway, but when it was all over he was proud to have saved the lives of everyone on board. He knew many other planes that day weren’t nearly as lucky.


  1. Damn this is hot!! He landed in a nice body ;)

  2. Great story, obviously the GS would cause a large number of accidents, at least these passengers were saved.