Saturday, December 10, 2022

Art Gallery

Ever since he was a young man, Howard enjoyed walking the halls of musueums. They reminded him of his wife, who had passed two years ago. They used to go on many dates seeing the new exhibits and revisiting some great art. He had headed to the museum today because he missed her dearly. Despite having been here countless times, he ended up in a hallway he couldn’t ever remember seeing before. The paintings were tightly crammed on the walls with a sculpture at one end. He didn’t recognize any of the work, and they all seemed to lack name plates. He paused briefly at the sculpture before continuing back to more familiar halls. He didn’t notice the weird glow of the sculpture as he turned to leave.

A few moments later, he found himself back in front of the sculpture. Something about it had changed, but he couldn’t quite place his finger on it. Of course, something about Howard had changed as well. The sculpture’s magic had swapped him into the body of another art patron. No longer the old man he once was, he was now in the body of a young woman. He had an entire second lifetime to explore museums and find love. He’d be doing it from the other side of the gender divide this time, once he realized all this that is...

Friday, December 9, 2022

At the Gym (Part 2)

View Part 1 of At the Gym here.

Chad and Kelly looked for weeks to try to find a way to swap back to their own bodies, but both soon accepted they would be stuck as the other. Kelly gave Chad more instructions about her job, how to put on makeup, and even how to deal with her monthly visitor. She asked if he was still going to the gym; he nodded.

But after those initial weeks, they began to grow apart again, remaining friends but no longer planning sessions about swapping back to normal. In fact, several years would pass before they ran into each other again, coincidentally one again at the gym.

Kelly almost didn’t recognize her own body at first. She was floored and demanded to know what Chad had done to her. She cut him off as he started by talking about how he stopped dying his hair. She wanted to know about the muscles.

He told her he just continued his workout routine, the same one he had always been doing.

Kelly realized she should’ve been much more specific with her instructions. Chad had always been a bit of a musclehead, and he had been treating her body in the same way, resulting in her former bulking up like never would’ve thought possible!

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Girls' Night Out

“Come on, Rhea,” Whispered Paul, “I can’t do this. I can’t be you.”

“Yeah, but thanks to that weird machine, you ARE me, and I had a night with my gal pals scheduled, so tha obligation now falls on you,” Rhea insisted.

“They’re never going to believe I’m you. They’re gonna know something’s up.”

“They’re probably already drunk, and have you looked in the mirror? They aren’t going to know anything is up, because we swapped bodies and people trust what they see. Right now, you look like me; they’re never going to see through that. Now go out there, and shake your ass. Make it look like I’m having fun.”

Paul groaned as he met up with Rhea’s friends. They squealed with delight when they saw him, understandably thinking he was Rhea. They handed him a drink and soon he started to dance. He hated to admit it, but he began to have a good time.Rhea’s body moved so much more smoothly than his own. But by the end of the night, he just wanted to find Rhea and figure out swapping back. However, he couldn’t seem to find her anywhere...

Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Alex and Ellen had been dating for three years and had been living together for two of those. And every time fall rolled around, Ellen would bundle up that felt much too earl for Alex. He’d often tease her about being cold, and he also refused to turn the heat up in the apartment when she asked.

And finally she had enough. She loved Alex, so she wasn’t going to leave him; she just wished he understood. Searching the internet, she found a body swap spell that claimed to do just what she hoped. She was skeptical, but she decided to try it out.

“Okay, okay, I get it,” Alex complained after spending a week in Ellen’s body, “Can you please reverse the spell now and swap us back into our own bodies?”

Ellen avoided eye contact, “Well, I can’t. The spell is on a timer. We’re stuck in each other’s bodies until spring. But if it makes you feel any better,” She looked back at Alex, thinking about how cute it was that he was in her body and all bundled up, “I’ll be kind and turn the heat up for you, unlike some people I know!”

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Do You Want Fries with That?

For three weeks after the Great Shift swapped the bodies of 90% of the people on the planet, Mike tried to listen to Jenna about how to take care of her body now that it was his. The meant specific instructions on exercise and what to eat. But, quite frankly, after a while he just gave up. He was sick of eating brussel sprouts and kale for dinner. He wanted a damn burger or a steak or even just some french fries! Oh, how he missed them! He just broke down at a fast food place and ordered a bunch. Leading scientists had reported the chances of anyone ever going back to their old body were close to zero. For Mike, that meant Jenna’s body was now his, and he was no longer going to let her rules about how to live affect him the way they had. If he wanted to skip exercising, he was allowed now. And if he wantred some damned french fries, well, nothing was going to stop him!

Monday, December 5, 2022

Unremarkable (Part 1)

Neil had always been a pretty unremarkable guy. He didn’t exactly stand out in a crowd. But an odd thing happened to him in his sophomore year at college during the fall semester. He discovered that he could make his hands glow. He kept it quiet for a few weeks, opting not to show anyone.

His silence ended as he talked to his friend Melissa. They had known each other for about a year and were pretty good friends. She was as unremarkable as he was, yet he realized he was developing a bit of a crush. Surely, he could show her his weird ability and impress her?

As he showed her, the light didn’t just stay limited to his hands; they spread to her. There was a quick flash, and Melissa shouted out from Neil’s body, “Oh, my God! You have the ability to swap people’s bodies? This is so weird! Do you have to be involved or can you swap two completely different people!? We have to have some fun with this!”

While Melissa seemed excited, Neil was a little more shocked. His hands didn’t just glow -- they could, in fact, swap the bodies of two people! Melissa ran out to the quad, and Neil followed. Melissa pointed at two people, and Neil began to focus, causing his hands to glow. Despite the fact that he was now in Melissa’s body, he still seemed to have his power. Now he just had to get this right...

Sunday, December 4, 2022


The day I got into that taxi was a bad one. I had just been fired from my relatively new job at the firm right after the recession hit. They told me they had to let the “new boy” go first. I felt humiliated and frustrated. I flagged the cab, got in, and noted the smell almost immediately. I was glad to get out of the cab, but the guy did something and we ended up swapping bodies.

I freaked out until I somehow managed to navigate to the driver’s home. That where I found a notebook explaining the magic taxi, the body swapping, and everything. It seemed like a golden opportunity. I could become the richest guy on Wall Street with practically no effort! According to the book, people spent a few days in this driver’s body.

I ended up spending over a year.

It was coincidence, but not one of my fares ended up spending quite long enough to trigger the swap. Being in that smelly body was getting to me. After a few weeks, I abandoned my plan and just picked up anyone in hopes of getting out of the cabbie’s body. I breathed a sigh of relief on the 366th day (I was counting) when the fare was high enough by being just a single cent over. She lived in a poor area of Chinatown and spoke broken English. I knew that life would now be mine, but it was still better than spending another minute in this cab. She got out and I initiated the swap. I probably looked just as scared when I first swapped into the driver’s body. I didn’t care. Now that I was in this woman’s body, I just ran. I wanted to get out of there. I never wanted to see that cab again.