Saturday, December 31, 2022

New Year's Eve (Part 2)

View New Year's Eve (Part 1) here.

Tyler was pretty amused as he watched the crowded of people freaking out about their new bodies. It was even better as the police started to open up the barricades and usher people to go back home. Soon enough, the massive number of swapped people were overcome by people who weren’t swapped just trying to get out of there.

His amusement only lasted so long before he realized just how cold he was now without a coat on. He began to walk and seemed to be able to go where he wanted without being stopped by police or anyone else.

Finally, a man with a clipboard approached him. “Thank goodness, Miss Chen, we’ve been looking for you. We need you to introduce the next band.”

“Uh, no problem,” Tyler said, “Can I get my coat? Who am I introducing?”

“Come with me,” The man with the clipboard said.

And so Tyler followed, quite sure that he was going to have a very interesting life from here on out.

Friday, December 30, 2022

New Year's Eve (Part 1)

Tyler looked at the small device in his hand. It was pretty hard to believe, but the guy who gave it to him told that once he activated it, it would swap the bodies of everyone in a 15 meter radius -- but that he should also be careful, because it would only work once. Part of Tyler didn’t quite believe this little thing could actually do that, but another part of him was excited about the humor and chaos it would cause if it DID work. He had to try it, and he had to do it in the most crowded place he could think of -- Times Square in New York City on New Year’s Eve!

He was rounded into a some barricades with a bunch of tourists and just after midnight, he pressed the button. Much to his surprised, he was swapped along with a good chunk of the crowd. For some reason he thought that if he was the one holding the device, he would somehow be exempt, even though that was obviously not true.

He wondered who he was now. He tried to assess quickly. He was clearly a woman in a sparkly red dress. He wasn’t wearing a coat despite the cold, and he wasn’t stuck in one of the barricaded areas. He wondered if he was some sort of celebrity?

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Reporting Live

“...And I’m Lori Graves, I guess, reporting live from midtown. Back to you in the studio.” David paused, and it felt like forever before he heard the next words.

“Cut,” The cameraman finally said, “You did great. Thanks for filling in for Miss Graves.”

David sighed, “I guess I’m not just filling in for her. I AM her now. At least that’s what they were saying in the studio, right? This Great Shift thing; they say it’s going to be permanent.”

“How could they possibly know that yet? It’s been like an hour since everyone swapped bodies. And you did a great job reporting on the scene, by the way; I’m sure they’ll keep you on even if you aren’t the real Lori Graves.”

“I think her body must have some sort of innate ability or muscle memory or something. I’ve never been good at any sort of public speaking! I’m a construction worker for God’s sake! Or I was at least. Don’t think I can do that anymore. If I do have Lori’s abilities, I guess I might as well pick this up again. Are we going live again soon?”

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Get a Real Job

It was a common argument in their household. Deborah would yell at her husband Patrick to get a real job, and Patrick would retort that being a content creator and influencer IS a real job. It would go back and forth for hours, but neither could have anticipated a shock from one of their appliances to end up swapping their bodies.

Patrick hated being in Deborah’s body. He hated getting up early, getting dressed in nice clothes, and fighting through traffic. Then once he got there, it seems all anyone did was should stupid buzzwords like “synergy” and “scaling.” No one seemed to actually DO anything though! He kept his mouth shut and was praised as a genius.

When he got back home, he scoffed when his wife suggested they try to find a way back to normal. Why should he? As a content creator, he had to produce a lot of stuff and do a lot of work, but as Deborah? He just sat around all day and did nothing...and got paid well for it! Her so-called “real job” didn’t seem to be any work whatsoever!

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Funeral Prayer

All of my friends and I were in disbelief when Luke died. He had been my college roommate, and we stayed close after school. He ended up getting cancer and passed at the age of 35. Cancer sucks. That’s for sure.

I went to the funeral home to pay my respects. I knelt down in front of his coffin and began to sort of pray -- I wasn’t all that religious, so it was more just like thinking a few thoughts in my head. An old man knelt down next to me, and a young woman soon knelt down on his other side.

The man prayed quietly, but loud enough for me to hear on my right side. “Dear Lord, it should be me in that box,” He said, “I should be in there! I’m old! Not him. Swap our places! Take me instead! Please!”

I know you’re supposed to pray with your eyes open, but I had been peaking (again, not religious), so I saw a weird light dance around where we were knealing. I could swear that I could literally touch and feel it.

“Holy shit!” The old man said, but his voice now seemed to be coming from my left side, “I’m alive? Oh, my, God, I’m alive! How is this possible?”

It would seem that someone or something had, in fact, did answer the old man’s prayers, who turned out to be Luke’s grandfather. Luke was now in the body of his own grandpa. I guess the woman and I had been too close to all of this. The weird light that swapped Luke and his grandfather also swapped the woman (it turns out her name was Simone) and me. I couldn’t believe I was now a woman! We tried praying again! We tried wishing. We tried whatever, but we both appeared to be stuck. We were glad Luke was alive, but we were more than concerned about its effect on us!

Monday, December 26, 2022

The Experiment Begins (Part 2)

View Part 1 of The Experiment Begins.

Ted found his way home and knocked on his door. His wife answered, surprised by the strange woman standing there.

“Oh, thank God, Rebecca, I’m home!” He said.

She just looked at him for a moment before asking, “Who are you?”

“It’s me! It’s Ted! I was kidnapped, but I escaped.”

Rebecca began to tear up. From her perspective, a strange woman arrived at her door talking about her long-missing husband. “You bitch!” She shouted, “What did you do to him?” She started swatting at him, and Tim tried to explain. Ultimately, he decided he would have to try again later and left.

He couldn’t imagine why Rebecca acted like that. Then the chip in his brain switched. Suddenly, he was keenly aware of his new body. Rebecca’s reaction now made a lot more sense. But how did they do this to him? What sort of experiments did they do that caused this? He thought about going back to demand to be returned to his body, but another effect of the chip seemed to be that he could no longer remember how he had gotten back home from the lab.

Sunday, December 25, 2022

A Walk in the Park (Part 1)

It was gorgeous day out, so Jake decided to take his dog for a walk at the nearby park. He walked by the playground, and there was one kid playing with this weird plastic raygun that looked like it was some vintage 1960s sci-fi prop. He didn’t think anything of it when the kid aimed it at him, but the next thing he know, he was knocked out cold.

When he awoke his head was pounding. He pushed himself up so he could sit against a tree. People seemed to be in an outright panic. They were screaming and running. Once Jake was able to look down at his own body, he realized why. He now had dark skin, he was wearing a pink top with two clear breasts pushing it outward. It was very obvious he now had a body that wasn’t his own, and (to be more specific), he had the body of a woman! He told himself he wasn’t going to panic like others seemed to be doing. He just wanted to find his dog and get out of there.