Saturday, August 3, 2013

Almost given up (Part 2)

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“Honestly,” Joshua told Marcia, “There was a part of me that was a little worried about our marriage when I found myself in this body.”

“Though I loved how you looked before,” Marica told him, “It’s simply impossible for me not to love your new face too!”

Marcia put her fingers on Joshua’s cheeks in attempt to listen the mood and get her husband to smile. It had been hard for him to adapt to his new body after the Great Shift, but he was happy to have his wife’s support.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Compulsion (Part 2)

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TG Magic Taxi
With the foul taste of the cigarette in his mouth, Tyler’s mind was processing what he had just done. He had just used the magic taxi’s powers without even realizing it. He had swapped bodies with his passenger. He didn’t know much about this woman; he hadn’t paid attention to a single word she said as she gabbed in the back on her phone. Maybe he should have. In fact, he hadn’t even been paying attention to her directions, which is why she had demanded to get out right where they were. He didn’t know who he was or even where he was going. The taxi had simply compelled him to switch. He was beginning to stress out, so he took another drag on the cigarette. It was still gross, but there was also a soothing feeling to it as well this time.

Improbable (Part 4)

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Jason got a few more details about the woman he swapped bodies with. Her name was Jessica Baxter; she lived only a few blocks away from Jason. He was about to head out in his car when Jessica corrected him -- he should be driving her car now. He knew she was right, and she brought him to where she had parked. They agreed to meet again later tonight. After all, they still had so much to discuss!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Front lines (Part 1)

The Great Shift
Private Lance Adams had been on the ground for far too long. He was hoping to finally get home from the war, but his tour of duty was extended again. He was looking for some way out of it, some way to get home, and it seemed fate would step in to do him a favor. The troops certainly weren’t immune from the effects of The Great Shift, and Private Adams realized his swap could not have been luckier. He switched bodies with a television reporter just as she was boarding a plane to go home. “Score!” He shouted under his breath. Sure, he was a woman now, but he was also going home! There was lots of luck there! After all, once he realized that everyone had swapped, he figured it would’ve been equally possible for him to swap with one of his fellow soldiers, with one of the native people of this poor country, or even with one of the combatants he had been fighting!

Magical breeze

A strong breeze blew across the city that day. Gavin could feel the cool air push against him as he walked around. However, what he didn’t realize was in addition to being strong, the breeze was also magical. One particular gust blew his soul right out of his body and into another. Though he could feel something odd almost immediately, it took him a little bit of time before he figured out what had happened. It was a combination of things that clued him in. It was the long hair of his new female body blowing in his face; it was the cool breeze that blew on his now bare legs; it was the new weight on his chest. It was all these things combined that caused him to figure it out. Unfortunately, there would be no way for him to figure out how to get his old body back.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

As long as I'm with you

“I’m happy you came,” Maria said, “I didn’t know where else to go. It is you, isn’t it, Lawrence?”

“It is, Maria.” Lawrence replied, “Where else could we go? This is where we met thirty years ago, and with the chaos of The Great Shift, how else would we find each other?”

“We were young then.”

“Thanks to this Shift, we are young again.”

“But this time around it looks I’m going to be the man, and you’ll be the woman. Are you okay with that?”

“I’m okay as long as I’m with you, Maria.”

Far from coincidence (Part 3)

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“What the hell did you do to us?” Kamal shouted at the old man from Leah’s body.

Leah inside Kamal’s body was simply too scared to do anything. She was frozen. This guy had a magic that could switch bodies, and he swapped her body with Kamal’s for what seemed like no reason; she didn’t even want to imagine what else he could do.

She got worried as Kamal yelled louder and got even more animated. She finally broke her silence to tell him to calm down, and as she did, the old man disappeared in a puff of smoke. Then she realized that meant they were now stuck in each other’s bodies. She looked nervously at Kamal, both knowing the severity of the situation.

“I think I need to sit down,” he told her.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Rufus showed up to the race track only to discover the tickets he had bought from an online scalper were fake. As he made his way back to the parking lot, a man approached him claiming to be the owner of one of the racing teams. The man had overheard Rufus and wondered if the two could help each other out. One of the members of the pit crew was out sick, and he could really use a fill-in. Rufus had to confess that while he loved cars, he didn’t understand too much about the mechanics. The man said that didn’t matter much; it was just about having the extra body in the pit. Rufus agreed; he was going to get closer to the action than any other fan!

The man took Rufus to an area of the track to get prepared for the race and fitted for his uniform. The man left and a door slammed shut. That’s when the machine started its work. It first sucked off all his clothes, leaving him feeling quite naked and humiliated. Then it attached breastforms to his chest and glued a wig on his head. Rufus started cursing. What the hell was going on here!? But a spray then came out of the wall and the machine was now able to mold his body as if it was clay. It soon shaped his form, he was no longer looked like an awkward guy with a wig and breastforms; now he looked like a shapely woman. The final piece of molding was quite painful, a long finger-like object pushed his penis inside his body to reform it into a vagina. He screamed in pain as it happened, and his voice’s pitch slowly raised as he did. Finally, new clothes were forced onto his body. First came thong panties. Then the skirt with one of the advertisers logo on it along with a matching skimpy top. The machine then adjusted the thong by pulled the sides above the skirt, giving Rufus a massive wedgie as it did. His feet were then lifted off the ground and tall heels placed on his feet.

He started cursing louder, but he hardly sounded threatening with a sweet, feminine voice he now had.
An injection was shot into his arm. He yelled some more. However, a voice told him to quiet down, and he immediately complied. He couldn’t seem to resist any command spoken to him. The man returned to the room and told Rufus to escort him to the track, which he did without objection. The final words spoken to him before everything started were to stand around and look pretty for the duration of the race. Despite being terrified on the inside, all Rufus could do was stand around and smile as he thought about what could possibly happen to him after this race was over. He only hoped nothing would happened to him to make this situation any worse!

Family matters (Part 2)

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It had been two days now, and they weren’t any closer to figuring out a way to switch everyone back into their own bodies. Ed had taken it hard. He was quite depressed being stuck in his elderly grandfather’s body. Plus, he knew he had been the one responsible, since he insisted on reading from that damned paper. But while Ed was depressed, Aaron was downright angry. He had been drinking heavily over the passed two days just so he could deal with the fact that he was now stuck in Alexa’s body. He often found himself glaring angrily at Ed or at his own body. He had no desire to be a woman, and he certainly had no desire to be Alexa! More than anyone, he hoped they could figure out a way to use that binder of papers to get back to normal soon!

Monday, July 29, 2013


Scientists had created body swapping technology at about the same time they perfected cloning. With these two innovations together, an entire new industry sprung up. People would go to the store and buy “shell bodies.” These bodies were physically ideal yet essentially brainless. Then they’d go to a body swappery and have their brain placed in the new shell and either storing their own body or often just selling it. Shell bodies were in high demand, and stores often sold out within minutes of a new shipment. Alexa had thought she had lucked out when she saw her dream body in a cart at the store. It was posed in a typically silly way to make it seem lifelike. She was surprised that someone had just left it there. It was the body she wanted. Skinnier, blond, and just more glamorous. Her current body wasn’t bad, but she had the spare money and she wanted better! As she started to grab the cart, a man came along and grabbed the other side.

“This is my new body!” He shouted.

Alexa nearly laughed. She had heard about some girlie guys buying women shells, but this dude seemed like...well...a dude. Why would he ever want to be a woman!? Why couldn’t he just let her have it!

7 days (Part 8)

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TG Caption body switcher bodyswap
Dwight began to get upset at the line of questioning. They were telling him to feel his memories? Were these eggheads suggesting that just because he was beautiful now that he was unfeeling or something?

They could see him starting to get upset about the subject and tried to reword it. They were asking him to not just recall a memory about how he felt but actually feel it once more. In this case, he had a memory concerning feeling giddy about science. Could he actually build up his excitement once more?

He tried, but he explained that science was just so boring! They asked if he could ever recall science feeling boring back in his own body. He replied that he only used to think it was boring when it was at a level too simple for him. And then Dwight felt it for a moment, his interest in science, but it quickly faded and he begged to start talking about things like hair and clothes.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sabotage (Part 2)

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TG Body Swap
Dominic was still in shock from being in Mei’s body. She had just been fired and escorted to the lobby when the swap happened. He could see security looking uncomfortably in his direction, ready to escort him out of the building if he didn’t leave soon. But Dominic was still very concerned with the new sensations of Mei’s body that he was only somewhat aware of the guards. He couldn’t believe how uncomfortable women’s clothes were -- particularly the business attire Mei had been wearing today. He could feel her bra straps digging into him. He bun had been pulled back so tight that it felt like his hair was being pulled from his head. And her glasses were pinching his nose. He took them off for a bit of reprieve. The guards inched closer, and Dominic finally acknowledged them, assuring he would just be one more minute, and then he’d leave quietly.